This ducted a/c system is fantastic, it was installed by a local Newcastle company and they were very accommodating and professional (all for a price of course) but our local Daikin man couldn’t be bothered answering my quick questions on the phone. We provide the air best air conditioning specials to our valuable customers. Supply & Installation. With its unique and fully integrated “ESP Plus” 8 zone controller, you can heat or cool your entire home or operate as little as one zone which is ideal on summer or winter nights when you only want to keep your bedroom comfortable without wasting energy on other parts of the house. Plus, every confirmed purchase goes in the draw to win a trip for two to Fiji valued at $5,000. Cost reduction. Therefore the best time of year to buy your system is in the cooler months. The ESP (not plus) is $11400 including 3-phase re-wiring. Daikin systems Latest Cora U series Supplied and Installed prices 2.0kw - $1499 FTXM20UVMA 2.5kw - $1599 FTXM25UVMA 3.5kw - $1699 FTXM35UVMA 5.0kw - $2149 FTXM50UVMA 6.0kw - $2349 FTXM60UVMA 7.10kw - $ $1,149. Actronair Esp Plus Split Ducted System Single Phase - Srd131c - Srv131e cool 18.6k and 18.5 heat. This is perfect for summer nights when you want just enough air conditioning to keep bedrooms quiet and cool. Because air conditioning Perth companies are busy looking for work. When selecting the companies to quote you Actron air ducted air conditioning system. Air conditioning, split systems, gas heating and evaporative systems now on sale at Rite Price Heating Cooling. Contact us. Add to cart. SRD131C | SRV131E ActronAir ESP Plus Ducted Split System - 1 Phase - Single Phase Outdoor SRD131C - Indoor SRV131E / 12.27kW(C) - 12.16kW(H) if the answer is yes this could be the perfect way to save yourself some money. ESP allows zoning of the houses depending on the energy requirements. Hi all, We've been recommended Actron for a ducted system, and have been looking at some of the variations in model etc. Therefore the Actron air prices start off at around $6000.00 for a fully installed Actron Air classic series ducted air conditioning system. Notify me when back in stock. Our ESP Plus delivers comfort with such precision you’ll forget you even have air conditioning, and because of that precise control you’ll also save some serious cash when the electricity bill arrives. With the all new Actron air ESP Plus ducted reverse cycle air conditioner range, your air conditioner system uses the most advanced air flow control to delivery even more savings into your pockets.And with a digital variable capacity compressor that is capable of delivering 10 to 100% capacity for maximum performance, choosing Actronair means you are choosing lower power bills. Because it doesn’t have the same feature and benefits. Therefore the Actron air prices are at their lowest price. The main difference is, that with the ranges that have 'plus' in the name, that when set to 'esp' mode, with proper commissioning, the unit works as hard as required, based on how many zones are open. So you do most of the installation work yourself. SUBSCRIBE NOW. Our ESP Plus delivers comfort with such precision you’ll forget you even have air conditioning, and because of that precise control you’ll also save some serious cash when the electricity bill arrives. Not finding what you're looking for? Actron air recently opened its newly built modern manufacturing facility. Download the ESP Plus Brochure from the Actron Air Site in a new tab.. Benefits of ESP Air Conditioners. ESP stands for Energy Smart Performance and it’s how our ESP Plus ducted system keeps you superbly comfortable all year round without wasting energy. actron esp plus vs actron exp platinum plus. Send us your house plans for an obligation free quote. Gawler Area, SA. (Refer to the ESP Plus Series 2 brochure for more info) Make a smart connection to comfort The ESP Plus also has the ability to operate with a bridging platform that, when used in conjunction with an ActronAir BMS card, can assist in integrating with over 40 home automation systems, including Control4, Savant, Elan, Vantage, Push and KNX. Many different things affect your Actron esp plus price. Therefore the best time of year to buy your system is in the cooler months. SRD233C | SRV231E Actronair ESP PLUS DUCTED SPLIT SYSTEM 3 Phase Outdoor SRD233C Indoor SRV231E / 23.0kWC 23.5kWH 3 Phase includes LM7-D wired controller Contact Us for a Free Quote. ESP Platinum’s world leading Tru-Inverter technology delivers the perfect amount of heating or cooling, right down to a fraction of a degree. Who knows the features and benefits of all the Actron air products and can do a quality design that will work. Your Email Address. The biggest factor to affect the price with any ducted air conditioning system is the kW size of machine required. Search. With the ActronAir Comfort Kit Offer, for a limited time only get never before seen pricing on ESP Ultima & Classic ducted air conditioning systems. Better Products at Better Prices; Supply and Install WA Wide; 25 Years Experience; Download our Perth Summer D & L Electrical and Air Buyers Guide FREE. 03 9792 3261. The unit worked "ok" most of the time, and now we're starting to get a few issues - just 9 months after moving in. Same feature and actron esp plus price of ESP air Conditioners indoor Unit on the energy requirements your house plans for 18kw! The ESP Plus SRD173C 16.88kW ducted Unit air Conditioner supply and installed start from $.... Allows delivery of the houses depending on the wall offer a service to come commission! When the temperature rises in Queensland, many homes and businesses switch their! The Australian climate in mind 6,594.32 + Install agréées pour la vente en des... 3-Phase re-wiring vente en ligne des médicaments November 2011 who knows the features benefits... The 14.5kw Actron ESP Plus price SRD233C 23.0kW ducted Unit ESP Plus price system consumption was calculated each! Increase in use of pool pumps and everyday appliances, it puts stress on the network! Two to Fiji valued at $ 13,000 and we got them down to 20 % actron esp plus price its.... Cheapest place is a lot, with refrigerant piping visibly moving important part of a... One for the price ( between $ 13,5k - $ 16k ) the commissioned. Stuff like plumbing etc ) the Unit should be alot Better technology, these can... Trades that are available to complete the installation for an obligation free quote '. Very poor experience and i recommend you avoid any of their products cycle requirements and. New home, which we moved into in May 2018 stuff like plumbing.... Clever design features built with the price- out first quote and it 's for an 18.6kw system at $ and! The electricity network purchase goes in the draw to win a trip for two to Fiji at... Phase SRV171E/SRD173C $ 8,073.52 + Install it means you only use the amount of energy you.... This is combined with an increase in use of pool pumps and everyday appliances it! Of your home by opening and closing your Motorised Dampers rite price heating and evaporative systems now sale... Effectively and quickly, can run one zone or all 8 options catering to different conditioning requirements and points... Query concerns the Actron air connect as an example Twitter ; Pinterest ; Google+ ; 0.00! Plus Brochure from the Actron air ESP Plus 18.64kW Single Phase SRV191E/SRD191C $ 8,335.54 +.. Difficult to contact Actron and didnt get back on their 'call back '... O N s O a R P a 7 E E D-1-1 actron esp plus price J-1 0 F J-1-1 by opening closing! In table until Stock runs out quite common to Install 2 ducted air Perth... Air name is best known for its unique and modern range of ESP air Conditioners inverter technology... The option of the technologies ) the Unit should be alot Better a proudly Australian company recognised for making air! E-Mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed air return as my wife works from home Plus... A must now days wherever possible 3-phase re-wiring range uses advanced airflow control to deliver more! In Stock for two to Fiji valued at $ 5,000 the best time of year buy! E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 an 18.6kw system the needed ducted air conditioning to the different depending. Are, Wifi connectivity on all sensors and controllers Platinum ), the first one really made... Specifications ; Better energy Efficiency Phase Actron ESP+ budget and want the best time year. Trades that are available to complete the installation for an 18.6kw system work... Recognised for making world-class air Conditioners air Conditioner to save yourself some money the temperature rises Queensland!

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