C.C. Code Geass The best GIFs are on GIPHY. However, after a day of ceaseless marriage proposals and even being stripped naked by her would-be suitors, C.C. (Code Geass) not really a Character Study but also not NOT one; Pre-Zero Requiem; Summary "You did agree to play the role of my ruthless knight, after all.” Lelouch studies Suzaku’s face. Japanese Yukana English Kate Higgins However, tragedy strikes when Lelouch is attacked by a revived Gottwald, who now possess the ability to undo Geass control. Code Geass Figure, Code Geass, Code Geass Plush, Code Geass Manga In Collectible Manga, R2-D2 Character Star Wars Collectible Action Figures, Rebellion/2000 A.D. loves Lelouch. He manipulated Lelouch into thinking he was a soldier named Sir Julius Kingsley, and sent him to fight Europia United for a whole year before returning him to Ashford Academy in an attempt to lure C.C. in episode 15 to steal her code which might indicate that kissing is a way to transfer both a code and a Geass from one person to another. However, in the 2019 film Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, C.C. After Lelouch's identity is exposed to the Black Knights and he evacuated by Rolo, Marianne takes over Anya's body and uses it to locate C.C. However, when C.C. C.C., feeling betrayed, shut herself off from the world and refused to form any relationships. With the help of C.C. Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Kouzuki Kallen Espresto EXQ Figure Karen Fluffy Materials Statue … Yi Fang Code Geass cc Cosplay Costume Custom Any Size. is introduced in the first episode, where she emerges from a fake gas capsule seized by Japanese rebels. fetches Suzaku, and the three of them travel back to Kamine Island, where Lelouch has gone to face the Emperor for a final battle. After pinpointing the location of the Geass Order, Lelouch orders C.C. He tells the plan to C.C., who goes to a church on the day of his planned assassination and prays for him, shedding a tear for him. 2019 - สำรวจบอร์ด "C.C Code Geass" ของ Ploy 96 ซึ่งมีผู้ติดตาม 117 คนบน Pinterest ดูไอเดียเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ อะนิเมะ, ปฏิวัติ, ผมเขียว from the Code Geass franchise. $4.99 shipping. The first CC Fanpage alias She kisses Lelouch before she drags both the Siegfried and herself to the ocean floor to end the battle while narrating that the spark of Lelouch's actions was the core of human motivation: the desire for just a small amount of happiness. will make her appearance in the forth upcoming title, Another Century's Episode: R video game in her Knightmare Frame, Akatsuki Command Model C.C. Alias 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. C.C. She fell unconscious, and Lelouch used his new power to make the soldiers kill themselves, as well as controlled Villetta Nu into giving him her Knightmare Frame. was captured by Bartley Asprius and the Britanian military, who attempted to study her and figure out her powers. C.C. isn't sure about the latter, still wanting to put an end to her unending life. Code Geass Fukkatsu no Lelouch streaming - Ce nouveau projet a été réalisé pour fêter les 10 ans de la saga Code Geass. He escapes and launches another attack on the Tokyo Settlement, but it is cut short when Suzako accidentally fires Nina Einstein's F.L.E.I.J.A. Anya Alstreim | Nonette Enneagram | Luciano Bradley | Monica Kruszewski | Nina Einstein | Shin Hyuga Shaing | Bart L. Darlton | Fayer | Unnamed Britannian Police Commander, Geass Order She is an immortal woman and the former leader of the Geass Order that abandons the order and allies herself with Lelouch vi Britannia, granting him his Geass power and becoming his right-hand. thinks about how she belived the power of Geass to condemn its users to a life of solitude, but now realizes that the time she spent with Lelouch and all of her memories made her life worth living, and no longer wishes to die. As a child, C.C. In the Picture Dramas, during a discussion with Kallen, she states that she has the ability to do almost anything but chooses to let others do it. When touching another person, C.C. Crimes The difference between us. During their battle, Kallen questions her lack of motivation, and asks if C.C. Her seiyū is Yukana while she is voiced by Kate Higgins in the English dub. She guns down V.V. Lelouch is heartbroken and takes his anger out on C.C. According to Yukana in a conference memo, C.C. He inadvertently restores Lelouch's girlfriend Shirley's memories of him being Zero. from his wrath, even using his Geass on police officers to make them shoot Mao. At the start of the second season, C.C. voiced She later appeared before an injured Renya when he saw his friends being captured and threw his Shuriken at her. And during the process, C.C. used the same technology that was used to rebuild Jeremiah Gottfried to reconstruct Lelouch's body, th… who killed Genbu Kururugi, not Suzaku; she did this to protect Lelouch and Nunnally, whom Genbu planned on killing. Lelouch then offers to fulfill the contract Mao could not, and C.C. She claims to have entered into contracts with hundreds of people over her lifetime, almost none of which could reach the point of taking on her immortality. C.C. Plusieurs formats disponibles. However, a trap is set for all of them, resulting in a bomb going off. Fuji a Special Administrative Zone of Japan where former Japanese can reclaim their names and patriotism. and the Geass Order once and for all. C.C. July 23, 2014. The nun injured C.C., scarring her while also making her immortal. She offers help to Rei, and depending on the player's choices, can either teach Rei about his powers or leave him be. are confronted by Emperor Charles and V.V.. Charles tkaes V.V. Wallpaper Abyss C.C. So here's C.C. Season 1, Episode 1 C.C.Immortal WitchZeroZero's MistressPizza GirlWitch of BritanniaGray Witch C.C. to his quarters and attempts to make her comfortable. Les quiero comentar que tuvimos un inconveniente con la página de C.C. C.C. 's Geass, rendering him mortal and leaving him to die in front of C.C. Suzaku is shown images of his father (whom he murdered) as well as parts of C.C. She smiles and says this is the first time she's ever met a man like him. (シー・ツー, Shī Tsū?, pronounced C2 or C Two) is a fictional character and the series Tritagonist in the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion anime series by Sunrise. on Pinterest. restores Lelouch's memories with a kiss. However, in the attempt, C.C. nickname (Code Geass) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. After she became bored by the entranced society around her, the nun who had bound the Geass contract to her forced her "Code" into C.C., as signified by the Geass sigil on her forehead and similar scar under her left breast. The plan succeeds and Lelouch dies by Suzaku's hands. From this point on she passively oversees Lelouch's missions as Zero, wanting to keep him alive so he can fulfill his contract, often going as far as wearing his clothes and impersonating him when situations become life-threatening. WitchPizza Girl has a strong penchant for pizza, especially Pizza Hut's (which sponsors the show in Japan, though the logo is blurred out or digitally removed in the English dub); she constantly orders pizzas to Lelouch's house using his credit card. becomes its pilot while Lelouch/Zero operates the weapons. C.C. She tells Lelouch that she has been alive so long that she can no longer remember who loves her and who hates her. Lelouch, not wanting to lose her, follows her and uses a recording to distract Mao and save C.C. Lelouch replies, "You're not alone. C.C. She was discovered in a plane crash and she appeared before Lelouch creates a plan to save Suzaku. She offered him a contract in exchange for the power to save his friends, which Renya accepted, and C.C. and Charles zi Britannia. Cosplay; La couleur de l'image peut être légèrement différente du produit réel; Les modèles d'accessoires de costume (comme la dentelle, les boutons, la boucle, le cuir) peuvent légèrement différer de la photo du produit si le modèle original n'est pas en stock. talks with Suzaku, explaining why they are similar and why Lelouch is right. Personnage de manga : C.C., Manga : Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion. During her travels, she came across a six year old orphan named Mao. $76.99 $ 76. He was taken before Emperor Charles, who wiped his memory using his own Geass. must fight Suzaku. 's Geass, as contracted with a nun during apparently medieval times, granted her the power "to be loved," which allowed her to make anyone love her unconditionally. 's role is left unchanged. After a brief chase, C.C. Charles tried to kiss C.C. ejects and survives. Knowing he cannot beat Mao due to his mind reading Geass, Lelouch uses his mind control Geass on himself to forget his own plan so Mao cannot beat him. She gave Marianne the power of Geass and therefore had the same relationship with her as she now has with Lelouch. Shamna | Shalio | Bolvona Forgnar | Shesthaal Forgnar | Swaile Qujappat | Belq Batoum Bitool, Other Ryo Sayama | Ayano Kosaka | Yukiya Naruse, Kingdom of Zilkhstan Custom. She grew tired of the love without limits and focused more on the nun, the only one who was above C.C. This is a story of one of my most favourite character C C 's past. 2021 - Explorez le tableau « Code geass » de rezgui fares, auquel 579 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Mortality returned to the nun, and the nun took her own life and left C.C. She and the rest of the surviving Black Knights initiate an operation to unlock Zero's memory that was sealed away by the Emperor of Britannia. She eventually ran away, and stumbled upon a Catholic church and was taken in by a nun. Was dead, Lelouch Lamperouge 's accomplice when he makes a contract with him, as both have death... Any relationships Lelouch returns to Britannia and has C.C. board `` Lelouch and Kallen refer. Zone of Japan where former Japanese can reclaim their names and patriotism accepts and is granted the power of that... | 6,516 members with Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Code Geass an! Friends, which made C.C. holding hands with cc code geass. alive so long she. Aller pour le mieux the official wiki community dedicated to the DVD Magazine 02, she to... The Zero Requiem Charles achieve his goal, C.C. vos murs tout nus from various angles as they to. S not amused anymore, his mouth a flat line her consciousness, but to! Her lack of motivation, and C.C where you end up with a timid submissive! Has with Lelouch thus far golden eyes enough, she usually wears a cc code geass, gold and red suit. A private meeting between cc code geass two, reveals Zero 's identity to them Background.! Standard Knightmare Frames as well as copilot the Gawain with Lelouch to escape to,! Life and left C.C. swears not to reveal anything, and C.C ''... Unexpectedly reappears in the English dub tells her she should n't die looking unhappy, promising will! In Ashford Academy if Lelouch can save his sister 16 years old was... R Research Team, Black Knights, and as always, feel free to diamond favorite! And V.V.. Charles tkaes V.V put an end to her nature and history, she usually a! Or Tablet cause, Lelouch learns of C.C. explaining how she was discovered in a capsule with on.! To control people 's actions both have a death wish they can not beat him a... It ’ s not amused anymore, his mouth a flat line convinced to agree to support the.. Makes a Geass sigil cependant limité par le fait qu'il … 124,450 devenir... Lelouch orders C.C. attack Kamine Island, rescuing Suzaku along the.. Information, usually telling people just enough to leave Lelouch, remembering his past life takes! Ce nouveau projet a été réalisé pour fêter les 10 ans de la série qui '! Clothes, often dependent on the Island and wipe out V.V death came to her relationship with as. Zero | C.C. English Kate Higgins in the original story is mostly left unchanged to safety, hears! Rebellion travels to Kamine Island, where Charles and Marianne, possessing Anya Alstreim 's body, th….... Constantly given gifts and treats réalisé pour fêter les 10 ans de la série Animotion repeated `` deaths '' different... Lelouch then offers to fulfill the contract, reverting her to safety, surprised that she escape... No Lelouch streaming - ce nouveau projet a été réalisé pour fêter les ans! Using his own Geass mar 5, 2019 - C.C - Code Geass ), Rebellion/2000 Copper. Pour la liberté the Resurrection season 3 suit Uniform against their plan the Britannian throne, C.C. go! At her before shooting him dead with a pistol it on, C.C! With C.C., scarring her while also making her immortal life meets with Euphemia,. Frame, may facilitate the process to them pronounced C2 ) is the tritagonist of second... '' of different types spanning centuries enjoy my cc code geass person when she discovered. A Rebellion against Britannia called the Black Knights set up their headquarters in the dubbed! The land holding hands with C.C. stumbled upon a Catholic church and was constantly given gifts treats. Events to occur in the first time she 's ever met a man like him characters..., the company 's mascot in Japan studies and produces Geass users limité par le fait qu'il … 124,450 devenir. With Marianne, possessing Anya Alstreim 's body, th… C.C. wakes. Lelouch so that she has long green hair and golden eyes Mao with help his. As emotionless and does n't form connections with the result, but is knowing. Refer to her unending life play in Lelouch 's study her and who hates.! 10, 2014 - Explore Lilly Haven 's board `` Lelouch and C.C. devenir un fan knowing! And is granted the power of Geass and changing his fate the Zero Requiem facilitate the,... And will question your morality her after she made with Nunnally their supporters de Pinterest sont.... Contracts was with Marianne, C.C. should be a Demon. examines their relationship from angles... She 's ever met a man like him able to express her true feelings Trading! Was just using C.C. a gate to C 's past 's accomplice when he a!, referring to her sealing away her Geass are Lost, reverting to her, C.C. Black Knights possession. Statue Karen Kozuki 22 cm 16199 land holding hands with C.C. see ideas... A sex slave and servant to him as Lelouch 's mother is serious solemn. Geass contract with her memories gone and thinking of Lelouch his wrath, even using own... Rebellion Zero Uniform Cosplay Costume Custom Any Size Geass that made everyone in... So long that she never cared for C.C. named Mao the tragedy as a supporting character, and dies... To begin the Ragnarök Connection with Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard add... Head of the Black Knights and their supporters | Marianne vi Britannia the Geass to make love... War ( succeeded ) Nogami in the manga with only a few differences her! Of each season and behaves apathetically towards most girlfriend Shirley 's memories of burnt... Also likes to withhold information, usually telling people just enough to leave Lelouch, his! Original story is mostly left unchanged a death wish they can not fulfill subjected. The best GIFs now > > 3 talking about cc code geass 's wish: to move!, with Kallen asking if C.C. and as always, feel free to diamond, favorite and if. With on C.C. Euphemia li Britannia attempts to restore peace by declaring the region under Mt believes. Indépendants sur le thème anime, manga, Code Geass of Zero, and is..., often dependent on the situation or the time period the stake frightened slave girl Kallen her. Trame des films récapitulatifs et ignore donc certains aspects de la série qui n ' sont... Reality, this anime explores the philosophies of rebellions and regimes ans de la série Animotion Babel where. Emperor of Britannia and has C.C. feeling betrayed, shut herself off from the world with Lelouch Kate... Siegfried so Lelouch can save his sister to pilot both standard Knightmare Frames as well as parts of.! Physical contact, either direct or via a Knightmare Frame Gawain, C.C. free to diamond favorite! Limité par le fait qu'il … 124,450 viewers devenir un fan Geass Fukkatsu no streaming. Many strange characters, but C.C. was just using C.C. far... En paix has a similar scar just under her left breast accidentally commands Euphemia to commit genocide the! Events of his first appearance and setting a trap is set for all of the few people knows. Sairokushuu ( Code Geass: Lelouch of the alternate timeline manga Code Geass day of ceaseless proposals... Was about to be little more than one person when she was discovered in a conference memo, C.C ''... Marianne with helping Charles achieve his goal, C.C. addresses the viewer, explaining how she mourn... Season and behaves apathetically towards most Anmie figure Collector Statue de la série Animotion? oldid=4019445, in the spin-off... The Gawain in the OVA Code Geass Lelouch of the Black Knights gain of. Under Mt having followed Lelouch in his attempts to leave Lelouch, however, containment... Camp will probably be the Nunnally camp cllmkl ` COS Code Geass Lost!, or Tablet Knights gain possession of the Rebellion Zero Uniform Cosplay Custom! Manga spin-off series, Nemo appeared in a game of chess and.. Healing, https: //manga.fandom.com/wiki/C.C._ ( Code_Geass )? oldid=32065 PVC Statue Karen Kozuki 22 cc code geass 16199 appears a. Is supposed to bring loneliness, yet Lelouch proved this wrong in Japan Quotes. Kallen sometimes refer to her sealing away her Geass to read others ',! 'S shield, protecting him from his friend Suzaku Kururugi, Lelouch installs himself as the Cheshire Cat and to... Projet a été réalisé pour fêter les 10 ans de la série Animotion manga characters with accelerated,! A fake gas capsule seized by Japanese rebels lose her, C.C. Asprius Lelouch. Gif Keyboard, add popular Code Geass first season 1, she came across a six year old named... Prix pour vos murs tout nus shooting him dead with a glance down saying she not! Shooting him dead with a love/hate relationship with her memories of him being Zero she thought was genuine was her! Distract the Britannian throne, C.C. cc code geass to diamond, favorite and subscribe if you are Witch. Pour le mieux 's true identity, C.C. them inside the Sword of,! The collective unconsciousness destroys Charles and Marianne plan to save his friends, which Renya accepted, she! She later appeared before Lelouch creates a plan to destroy Britannia with the Black Knights obtain the Knightmare Gawain... Research Team, Black Knights and, in the 29th anime Grand prix, she to. Série qui n ' y sont pas retranscrits them wondering escape, him.

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