Shame really, as he was obviously in the right place at the right time with his 'Good job I had my transceiver...' (seriously; do people carry these things - obviously they must do !?). } else { I very nearly abseiled down the ridge just so that I could ask each one of them about their experience and skills so that we could compare and get an actual measure from which to gauge their skills against my own. Was very nervous because, yes there are some bits where if you slip, you are in for a very long fall indeed! Both my children climbed Jack Rake when they were 8 and 10. 'This Is Us:' Jack's cause of death revealed and fans are heartbroken . Susannah Cox, 37, of Lancaster died after falling from the grade 1 scramble in Great Langdale on 20 June, five days after 48-year-old Howard Gladwyn, of Menston, West Yorkshire, suffered a similar fate. However, this is because they have been walking in the mountains since an early age. Jack’s Rake is a popular Grade 1 scramble in the Lake District – but it’s by no means an easy proposition. Where a tricky section is encountered - such as Jack's Rake, Striding Edge or Sharp Edge - reference is made to this on the walk guide itself so you can decide for yourself whether this is for you or not. As for taking children on any grade 1 scramble... you must be mad! He was carried a short distance to an RAF Sea King helicopter which had flown to the fell. Places to Stay    I can imagine it’s a tricky route if it’s wet and the final scramble requires some upper body strength and good grip from your shoes/boots. Jack's Rake. How many people died that day driving to work? Only to someone puffed up with their own sense of self importance. Competitions    Would MRT scream obscenities at these guys if they were up on Striding Edge? For help logging on, see Help > FAQs > Logging On. Just out of interest, what kit were they using? Please get your facts right before you judge other people. . Fig rolls would taste horrid if you had to first eat through a wrapping of cotton wool. Well said Nick and thank you for all your teams efforts at this incident. I remember seeing two guys starting off along Crib-Goch at about 15:30, in the winter. That piqued their interest so we did striding and swirral (0.5 grade), since they didn't mind the heights and didn't mind the exposure it was Sharp Edge and Jacks Rake next. Photo Gallery    Funeral Home Services for Jack are being provided by Caughman-Harman Funeral Home - Lexington Chapel. MRT do not own the hills, they don't know all of the people in the hills and cannot judge from a distance. We look at the skills you’ll need to tackle this classic route. Nope. Jack’s Rake is on the left and Easy gully goes directly upwards on a loose path to the right of Pavey’s East Buttress. Nobody was being 'irresponsible'; it was an unfortunate accident. and will return again. It is a grade one scramble when dry. So if you can't take children on a grade 1 scramble, where does that leave them with climbing? To add I have just received an email from the boy who I know well and is the fittest and most sensible 12 year old you could ever meet. How much it cost to download the 59 walks that climb all 214 Wainwrights? I suspect it is possible to learn how to cope with this fear with practise. A. I climbed it for the third time last week. There are less adults I know that I would feel the same about. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service at the funeral home. But please can we get a sense of perspective of risk, can we also remember that the hills are for all and that hillwalking / scrambling, climbing, mountaineering, etc are actually relatively safe activities with relatively few fatalities when compared to many other sports and activities? The couple I met 800M up Ben Nevis dressed in trainers, her in leggings, him in jeans... in December. Should a child be on a Grade 1 scramble? However a slip could still cause problems. We where well equipped & experienced but every day is different on the fells & this is one route where weather conditions can make a huge difference. A. I just did Jack's Rake a couple of days ago. If you are a parent taking children then you had better make sure you have the correct experience; also make sure you have a rope and the ability to bring your kids along safely should they feel they need it. I hope you and your group are ok after having witnessed the fall, and lets hope the lad recovers well. I only wish that I had had a parent who had provided this calculated risk for me when I was younger. Remember if you feel panicky or stuck, just take a break and a second to look at the rock and decide where the best foot and hand holds are - also look for worn or polished parts of the rock, this acts as a good indicator of where many others have walked before you and can help to find the best foot and hand placement. So as advice, I'd say if at first you think the route ahead is not passable, and this forces you to the left to a more exposed route, look more carefully and see if you can make it work. I gave him a couple of "aim left" and "step on that and straighten your leg" type nuggets of advice, otherwise he pretty much led me up. Rant over. The 10 most recent questions about Mountains and Hills . Having said that the scramble is not at all difficult for experienced fell walkers. Q. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. Its hard to legislate against stupity. It was my first grade 1 scramble and I was on my own. What I want to know is, who decides on the gradings, and can I sue the magazine for the emotional distress of putting my three daughters' lives in peril? They were all fully equipped with proper hiking attire, without a pair of trainers in sight. Help    What people need to remember in Mountaineering and Hill Walking is that there is a risk of severe injury or death. Through summer & even in wet conditions it can seem quite a mild scramble. He was about one third of the way up .I along with my group had just reached that side of the tarn and was about to have a sandwich and a cuppa when it all happened .good job i had my transceiver because there isnt a signal for mobiles just there. The red line indicates the Jack's Rake scrambling route on Pavey Ark. Like most things we started with simple walking, then did the major peaks "normally" with an introduction to "fun stuff" going up mickeldore and fox tarn to ScaFell. It is certainly no place for inexperienced adults to take children, or perhaps even to go without them. I agree with you Bob, wearing trainers is just asking for trouble and trying to control 6 children with two adults is as we have seen leads to disaster. Jack’s Rake is perhaps hard to assess in grading/trickiness terms because there’s not really anything like it. A. I have just come back from a weekend away in the Lakes with some pals. Experience and attitude are important, not age. The latter was done with a group only last month. An air ambulance paramedic joined members of the Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team in treating the scrambler at the site after the alert was raised at 10.15 this morning. These two photos sent in by Christine Shepherd feature Jack's Rake - see Jack's Rake and Pavey Ark from Harrison Stickle and one featuring Christine herself half-way up Jack's Rake with Stickle Tarn below. The only part that requires any climbing skills at all is at the very end. A. I have never done Jack's Rake, but i have climbed in the Lakes on occasion. I still think it should be left for the more experienced adults there was no common sense on saterday, two adults and six young boys wearing trainers is all wrong and down right irresponsible.there were 15 mountain rescue members and 2 helicopters attending.I am only putting these points forwards in the hope that inexperienced people will not this dangerous scramble do you not agree with that paul. Unfortunately it was determined that she'd died of the injuries sustained in the fall. I have escorted people of various ages and abilities, including my son when he was 12 years old up Jack's Rake. Wainwright describes Jack’s Rake as “just about the limit” for the ordinary fell walker. Updated 1538 GMT (2338 HKT) January 25, 2018 . I only found out late sunday afternoon of the incident. A. Jacks Rake is a great scramble with exposed parts just like most scrambles. Walks    However when I chose to go up the second time, there genuinely were terrifying slip and die moments, no two ways about it, and no option to go back down at these points. Bear Gryls is another example of poor outdoor education. A. It's up to the individual to determine what's do-able and what isn't, based on their experience, ability, nerve and - very importantly - the conditions at the time. The boy was seriously injured when he fell from Jack's Rake on Pavey Ark. Ryan Matthew Dunn (June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011) was an American stunt performer, television personality, actor, comedian, and one of the stars of the reality stunt show Jackass.. Dunn rose to fame in the late 1990s as a member of the CKY Crew with his long-time friend, Bam Margera, for their extreme stunts and pranks recorded on camera, which led to the rise of … As always thanks to MRT and the emergency services who have been called in so often recently. Cookies must be enabled for you to Log On successfully. I know of lots of children that have safely completed Jacks Rake but they have been with experienced climbers and is usually one adult to one child. A. Kendal Mountain Rescue Team also helped in the rescue of the boy. they should put a warning sign at the foot of Jack's rake that references recent incidents. My children completed the Rake aged 9 and 10 respectively. Recently a five yr old from Crib Goch for eg. No Bob i share your sentiments, but how you police it would be a nightmare. They are both well kitted out and I feel both are more than capable of doing relativley easy scrambles such as Jakes Rake [Jack's Rake]. It crosses a massive cliff, for heaven's sake! Surely the answer depends on the child, I know kids who are FAR superior climbers to many adults; if anything their adult guide is more of a liability than they are. A simple wiki search will give you the definition. We passed climbers who were down climbing... so it is wide enough! However, this 'beginners' route had places where our girls could not get up without help as anyone under 5ft tall could not reach the footholds; places where a slip could send one plunging vertically down a cliff face (we quite literally crossed the path of some rope climbers half way up) and the scramble could not be back-climbed, being popular and far too narrow for passing. The original poster, I do feel sorry that you had a tough day out. More people will die driving to the hills than will die in the hills. This is nothing whatsoever to do with age per-se and all about experience and ability. He had a fractured skull, but no spinal injuries. The Rake (2014) Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes Andrew Mangled The Rake No Emily Partially Kaidan Villains/Killers. Even MRT can fall foul of this kind of arrogance; I've been called an "idiot" a few times by bigots (a few times perhaps justifiably, I grant). This is a very committing scramble and reversal is not an easy option. Richard Jennings and I set off for Pavey Ark to find out whether he’s right. Log On/Accounts    JUST WATCHED 'This Is Us' reveals cause of Jack's death. To contribute to or to contact us about anything at all - see Talk To Us. Quite simply one slip of the foot and you would have fallen to your death. The boy fell from Jack’s Rake on Pavey Ark today, injuring his head and spine. By Chloe Melas, CNN. He's not a particularly seasoned walker, he just loves a bit of rock. To put the record straight, there were 17 members of LAMRT involved along with about a dozen members of Kendal MRT, an air ambulance and RAF Seaking. Message for Bob Lay. Walking Questions and Answers    Looking through a certain outdoor magazine's walk guides, we read that Jack's Rake was a perfect scramble for a beginner, and that we should not be put off by it's apparent difficulty because it was, (to paraphrase) after a difficult start, easy peasy. The lad was treated by the as paramedic, lamrt team doctor and team members. I had never been aware of Jack's Rake until around 2000 when Deke and Spud took Dave, Steve and me on a walk on the Langdale Fells during a Lakes walking weekend. The Scramble. Rake is about how to be good – and, despite his notoriety, that’s what Cleaver longs to be. they were also ill equipped for such a climb.My thought are with the boy and his familly but please it is not for children. I noticed the BBC announced the death of a walker on Jack’s Rake last week. So, what I'm hearing is that "children" mustn't go on scrambles but, presumably, as soon as they are 18 and legally an adult, it will be OK!!!??? Totally disagree with the comments about banning children from going up Jacks Rake. Using maps I have been able to challenge my own daughter and find magical places without the worry of putting her life in peril. I know and respect a few of you personally. I shall definitely attempt it again. Download real MP3 and FLAC music to your computer or smartphone for free. ° How much it cost to download the 59 walks that climb all 214 Wainwrights? Free example walks, See/Show Password The Rake began with a scree. They had one pair of crampons and one ice axe between them. However, to put it in context, the most dangerous part of most walks in the UK is the drive in the car to get there, (With just over 5 deaths a day last year on the UK roads). Both thoroughly enjoyed it although my wife (watching from stickle tarn) wasn't so keen. The route follows a natural fissure/cleft, slashing its way diagonally up and across the formidable … Were they idiots? It is a bit like trying an 'Easy' climb; if you are a climber it my be easy but for a none climber it will be a terrifying, death defying experience. Sent my nine year old boy up a couple of moves ahead of me and he breezed it. These are Wiltshire lasses, less experienced than many; and we wanted to find something challenging but with little danger of death. We did Go Ape in the morning and then we climbed Pavey Ark [Langdale Pikes] in the afternoon. ° What is the best time to start the British 3 Peaks challenge, . Some articles the site thinks might be related: I was the person who called this incident in to liverpool coast guard and saw it happen .How can we stop people taking their children up this grade one scramble, its beyond belief. Luigi survived a mansion full of ghosts, but now he has to deal with monsters and creatures of a very popular type of Horror: Creepypasta. I'm never doing it again after this experience. The outdoor retail industry used to do a good job, but the rise of sheds selling false price pointed rubbish staffed by uninterested kids has resulted in the quality independents shrinking and loosing their knowledge base and hence advice.

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