A city is required. Joe on All in all, decent. August 07, 2019. Very reliable. April 28, 2017. The price is $65 a month after ongoing $20 discount no fees etc. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CenturyLink C3000A at Amazon.com. BroadbandNow is supported by commissions from some of the providers listed on our site. You can get in touch with an agent via phone, mail, or in a live chat. Finally over two weeks of the nightmare, I was able to cancel, not before being told that there was an early termination fee for cancelling because I had had the service in place for two weeks. When we called they didn't even try to work with us on the bill.THEY ARE NO FRIEND TO SMALL BUSINESSES!!! I say to anyone thinking about this service to not buy it. April 24, 2019. The customer service reps are poorly trained and speak very little to no English and have trouble understanding questions. I've got no complaints about CenturyLink. Worthless company!!! 3. The highest speeds I've reached is about 10 mbs per second. CALLED 2 WEEKS & MY REQUEST I CALLED FOR...STILL NOT TOOK CARE OF. The service has not been down either since installation. ( 8 4 4 ) 9 4 8 - 3 4 7 7 . Elijah Gill on Scott Whistler on Wait times were NEVER less than north of 2 hrs. One router up high in the center of the house provides this service to 4 pcs (wireless) with all of it sporting ASUS 4x4 802.11AC Wireless-AC3100 PCIe Adapter (PCE-AC88). Check out our unbiased review of CenturyLink and see what internet plans it offers. CenturyLink gives us one price and sticks with it. I am a user of CenturyLink Internet and their Internet is the best in the industry. 3.16 Stars Join the 494 people who’ve already reviewed CenturyLink. I cannot say enough terrible things about this lame excuse for a company. My current place of resident only offer DSL. Today can’t call out other than immediate area.wife on phone now for over half hour. CenturyLink as a company is off the edge of human, and is beyond fixing. Because of our distance from the C.O. All in all, it works ok. Paul on The customer service reps are poorly trained and speak very little to no English and have trouble understanding questions. I'm genuinely impressed! A state is required. I transferred my phone and Internet and everything was still the same. However, finally, on Monday, Tech did call me, arrived when he said he would, and was absolutely wonderful. However, DSL is the most widely available wired Internet infrastructure in the US, meaning that CenturyLink can serve areas that cable and fiber providers simply can’t or won’t serve. May 23, 2016. We poll visitors across our site based on their IP address. He made me aware of available discounts but was not pushy with the sale. We finally switched to another provider and they wont cancel my service. I provide wireless connections and the use of on-site terminals to clients and employees. He was highly attentive and had a great attitude. on Darrell on A street address is required. CenturyLink is very fortunate to have such a positive & capable representative. on These lines are not the best way to transmit digital data, and as a result the speeds of CenturyLink service in rural areas tends to be much slower than, say, a fiber of cable plan. All they have to do is decide to boost the signal. CenturyLink Customer Service and Sales Representative Reviews. August 28, 2017. The bill is too high for internet only, I have no phone or TV. Find 15 listings related to Centurylink Customer Service in Charlottesville on YP.com. September 04, 2015. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Centurylink Customer Service locations in Charlottesville, VA. I want something in particular and they were the only ones that were allowed to provide me that service where I live. CenturyLink Employee Reviews about "customer service" Updated Sep 15, 2020. Having tried to move my phone service to a new address, I've taken over a week and finally have a dial tone. March 05, 2017, Deborah Grimaldi on Your experience can help others make better choices. No upgrade plans. How does it feel to be trash? June 19, 2017. Jim Salas on The internet service is pretty solid but slow, 6000Mbps to 9000Mbps down depending on current line condition which varies from week to week. Can CenturyLink "afford" to put corporate profits ahead of treating customers with respect and showing that they truly care? 3295 Reviews. To date, 35.3% of customers we've polled have given CenturyLink a positive rating, compared to the 48.4% approval rating of Internet providers overall. August 08, 2019, So very very bad, cant even type at the speed I need to because letters wont ping.... have to press them 3-10 times 55$ a month for this is robbery at its finest... they should get sued big time.and seeing them on twitter tweeting about how great they are is PATHETIC they need to get sued for everything they have asap, Collin Lauver on Still don't know if they corrected the billing address to the new address. Fred Woods on Darrlynn on If I could somehow give this negative stars I would! April 05, 2018. March 23, 2020. Century links connection services are trash! Had to cancel services due to moving out of service area. Just installed a few minutes ago, tech was very knowledgeable and quick! It was the best phone customer service experience I've ever had! I usually have an outage once or twice a year that usually gets fixed within 24 hours. November 09, 2018. Horrible service even worse customer service support I put up with 3yrs of the absolute worse internetand cable service, customer service from Centurylink/Prism. January 04, 2016. It is slow, but we also have the 7Mbps plan, which we knew would be slow. AWFUL, PATHETIC COMPANY!Garbage service, terrible connections, horrible trash company who has zero benefits of buying their crap service. He really was a delight to work with and the experience made me even happier I made the decision to switch! I got this 1Gbps fiber service in Nov 2019 in Boulder CO, it is now June 2020, and I have to say, it is a game-changer! The best part about the not so amazing internet that I pay for, is the constant decrease in speeds at night. Since I really do not have a requirement for high speed I have one of the lowest speeds by request and it works very well even on those days where I need to work from home. August 08, 2019. She troubleshoots my computer on her end and as well as on my end. I called to have internet service established on December 6th and was told that everything would be turned on by 5:00 pm. This makes it impossible to do more than 1 task involving internet service at once - you can Netflix, but any social media or internet access from your phone slows to a crawl. Anyway, I've gone for the support and it's been great. They keep saying they are improving their lines but my family and I still can't stream a movie in HD, have extremely poor latency in games (300-900ms), and load websites as if we were still using dial up. I have called 3 times and each time they promise it is done to find out 3 days later it wasn't. or the closest node (fiber to copper wire), This is probably the best speed I will get - unless the telephone network is updated. January 26, 2016. C Jones on At $85/month for internet and phone, the price is high but the customer service is top notch. Install was 30 minutes. Customer support was extremely talented, gentle, and humble human being. 3.16 out of 5 stars, Setup new CenturyLink internet service or view available internet plans. Assessing CenturyLink’s customer service reviews can be tricky because they are a triple-play company—they have cable, internet, and home security offerings. Cannot recommend CenturyLink enough, especially if you don't want to pay the ridiculous price for coax. In other words, their attitude is “we make more many being fraudulent and ripping people off. We have their DSL service and love it! After you are smart enough to cancel and return their sub-standard equipment, they will send your account to collections without notice. CenturyLink Speed Test Customer Reviews. Cable is looking better even at the increased price. Still not sure it is working correctly. You can find contact details for CenturyLink above.. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns … We may edit reviews for small typos or grammatical errors, but otherwise we do not adjust the CenturyLink reviews or star ratings in any way. Had a great experience with CenturyLink. They refused to send IT support to check on the Internet lines. Spent 40 minutes with him, mostly on hold. CenturyLink internet ACSI 2019–2020 customer service rating4 But a number doesn’t tell the whole story. September 24, 2018. Thank you so much for your excellent help. I can’t speak for future experience, but wanted to note that the technician, Tony, was excellent. Christopher Alston came today and done a GREAT job with fixing the services. In all fairness, that could be a local issue. I called CenturyLink Customer Support Service Department for help on 3/17/20. There is a monopoly in this area, one provider, Centurylink.. Absolute WORST company I have ever dealt with. Their automated phone service lets you listen to a lot of elevator music while waiting your turn, but eventually, you get answers. No change, the internet on this computer is the same as all the rest. August 27, 2019. But those typically are only for a year. I have had other troubles with centurylink before, should of known not to get it again! 2. Join the 540 people who’ve already reviewed CenturyLink. And the prices are fair. He ran several diagnostics while trying to explain the problem in poor and broken English. The internet has been fine. I enjoyed your service. After about 8 pm I can forget about trying to use my internet altogether, as the speed gets so slow that I can't get most browsers to open. Haven't needed to use Customer Service beyond installation so I can't give it a rating, but we're super happy that we finally got to switch to CenturyLink! They claim they have a 20 Mbps plan but fail to give it to anyone. HECK IDK EITHER!??? Horrible service. Hands down. 5:00 came and went, so I called to follow up. September 09, 2015. July 29, 2019. $25 was all this is really worth to me. I called Century Link Computer Support Service Department for help on 3/17/20. August 13, 2019. However, I usually only get around 8 Mbps and my internet constantly quits working. Although CenturyLink has sent several techs out to my home, assuring me that nothing is wrong, no change or increased reliability has taken place. Also should mention that I put a poll, 84% voted CenturyLink as good. Usually 3. CenturyLink Customer service Everybody knows that the telecommunications industry as a whole – that includes internet service – has pretty bad customer support ratings. No problems with the internet. The number one thing I am looking forward to when I move is getting away from CenturyLink. Upload is <1. Highly recommended! I have never had any issues with this service, no down time, no loss of service ever. I was already committed to a 12-month contract for the other service so I was not in a position to take advantage of the offered deals. By serving them a pop-up, we are able to get reviews from customers on the positive and negative side of the experience spectrum. The process took an hour to resolve. Don’t even get me started on the customer service...where do they find these people? So iterating and frustrating. What a sad, sad excuse for a company. Overall rating on a 5 point scale: Price: Zero. No rental, just outright free. $45/m for 3mbps down and 0.5 up. We now stream everything, TV, music, YouTube, Netflix, HBO we have never come close to tapping the link. Once last summer, it took four days for them to repair the issue. CenturyLink appreciates Mr [redacted] giving us the opportunity to review our handling of his account, [redacted] *** I would like to apologize for the less than exemplary service that Mr [redacted] recently received from CenturyLink representatives His comments are appreciated and, to improve customer service, will be investigated Our representatives need to know the negative impact we have on … But it is really expensive unless they give you one of their deals. CenturyLink's customer service regarded as generally solid Depending on where you live in the U.S., the CenturyLink brand may or may not be familiar to you (if you're an NFL fan, you'll surely at least associate it with the Seattle Seahawks). Install occurred on the planned day a few days later. If you're looking for reliable internet for an affordable price, CenturyLink is the place to be. Find 18 listings related to Centurylink Customer Service in Omaha on YP.com. Rene on We’ve collected hundreds of CenturyLink reviews to date, and there are a few themes among them worth discussing. CenturyLink has the worst customer service of any company that I've ever dealt with. November 25, 2019. Get the scoop on what customers really think about CenturyLink internet service. Fraud, no customer service, poor internet speed. Many people posting the same pain I had with our previous ISP and how much they love CenturyLink. I have been having some major issues with my internet services since the day i got it and have had multiple people come out with no success. Alexandra Ingold on DO NOT GET CENTURY LINK i'm just trying to save yall the frustration that I have to go through on a day to day bases. Having tried to move my phone service…beyond frustratedd. September 26, 2015. 1. God forbid the need to contact CS to discuss billing or get twch support. on We are a small business starting out north of Greeley, CO and we had our installation done today. I specifically confirmed that they not only issued a refund for the previous months, but that I would not be charged in the future. Not bad for somewhere in the middle of woods. Greg on December 06, 2019. I’ve filed a complaint with the FCC that is processing MANY similar claims. I’ve tried turning off WIFI on devices not being used and reducing TV resolution to improve it, but it appears to be on their end. Very low latency and great speeds. May 24, 2016. The phone we have in the bundle from CenturyLink will still work in a power outage and is 40% cheaper than others and 911 knows immediately where I am calling from. November 28, 2018. speedof.me shows 34Mbps and every single Mbps promised at 10 Mbps plan. April 20, 2019. At first I was happy with 2 MBPS as it was usable and was only $25 per month, then they raised me to $35 per month even though I was on the "good for life" never going to raise it price??? Feels like 1980 and not in a good way. December 28, 2018. VERYYYYY RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, AND HONESTLY, INTERNET SLOW AS HECK....FROM WEEK 2 OF THIS "EXTREMELY FAST" INTERNET PACKAGE??? This company has made a lifelong customer with me. Can’t express it loud enough!! Tough to work from home at that speed. January 08, 2019. August 03, 2019. While the rest of the world advances in technology CenturyLink remains in areas where they have no competition and thus have no reason to improve, taking advantage of people who have no other options. June 16, 2018. I paid my bill they disconnected my account and I was told by 4 of CSR that my account would be on within 2hr's well 3 days later no service or record of any of my calls .....these people do whatever they want and lie to the customer! His customer service was excellent! Far too many outages, one lasted 5 days. Often 1. To see if broadband. 12mbps is the fastest you can get in a town of 10,000 people. Thank you and keep up the great work! Was told on Monday that someone would be out on Wednesday morning between 8-12 to connect my daughter's internet. review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. They are very loyal to their customers. I'd be much happier at 25Mbps (to my mind still a slow rate but 10 is glacial. Attempting to leave them because they charge $140 for simple 20/2 MB service + basic phone. Yes they can be expensive but so is everyone else. I started experiencing very slow internet speeds with my Century Link service. Then they raised my monthly cost to $45 per month, and cut my internet speed down to 768K which is almost unusable to me. First, CenturyLink is a DSL provider, meaning that most of their plans use copper telephone lines to deliver service. In spite of the otherwise magnificent service, I've got to move on to another provider. I wanted to cancel their services and I called them. I live in a rural area with a "guaranteed" speed of 10Mbps, actual observed is closer to .9-1 Mbps. My computer is working great now! July 06, 2016. I have not had any problems with customer service and I have only had one or two outages. They added so many people to my line in front of me that I now get shit speed- never really had anything fast!!! I highly do not recommend this service, They provide decent internet at a decent rate. Call to Order Internet: Setup new CenturyLink internet service or view available internet plans. December 15, 2015. I have two consoles in my house and it will lag if we are both on at the same time. Not a stutter in any game or movie. Mary on CenturyLink provides residential internet services across 37 states, including Florida, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Washington ,and Utah, with a full spectrum of tutorials and speed tests to get you up and running quickly. The "Loyalty Department" rep was super-nice and told us she could switch us to the new customer plan AND throw in the new modem needed at no charge since our current plan had the same setup where we owned it and didn't make monthly payments on it. Joanna Rand on on It is the best internet I have had and I recommend it to everybody. They are much better than the other major competitor in this coverage area, other ISP users slow to dial up speeds in the evening, I know other ISP users in other areas do better. $45/mo for 80 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. It is so much faster, has never cut out and had the best installation customer service. Boo on Charles Hall on Norma Mccoy on I was on hold for 45 minutes and the IT provider hung up on me, because he could not help me. Tim was amazing, showed up on time, texted me to say he was on his way, texted me to say he was here. He explained the plan and bill clearly and accurately. Reviews featuring irrelevant statements or all-caps “rants” are removed, since they are not helpful to consumers looking for fact-based insights. CenturyLink has a history of growth through strategic acquisitions and we are particularly proud of our most recent acquisition of Level 3. October 23, 2019. However, due to the follies of DSL and the distance of the house from the DSLAM, I only ever hit a max of 20 Mbps. Ramon O. on Supremely fast. Thank you so much for your excellent help. I guess I’ll be trying this again next week. September 17, 2018. Chris on Dan D on I called back over the next 3 days only to be told various other reasons that the account could not be cancelled. William Rock on December 17, 2015, Maximum speed is 10Mbps. So not worth it. on Travis Johnson on I was then dropped to 1.5 MBPS speed. I learned this after ordering the same one as a replacement, that still didn't work. G. B. on Centurylink is fraudulent - they practice “cramming”, which is adding or “cramming” service features on your account without notifying the customer. The speeds are slow but its useful for the average personal Internet use. I have had nothing but great customer service experience. The tech did a great job trying to find me good deals to stay with CenturyLink. The phone sales reps are terrible! I had scheduled to have my phone number and internet transferred to Century Link. Or I can tweet or email or chat. !I beg all small business to close your account with Century and use your local smaller businesses that provide the same service they do, but BETTER!!!! Ms. ** took my call. Call 866-476-9909 for savings and offers. I tried Hughsnet and they were slower than this - What a fucking joke! July 12, 2020. Initial CenturyLink complaints should be directed to their team directly. Where I live in Washington, Utah the speed of DSL is 12mbps downstream. Can't get anything faster without going to fiber optic to the tune of $1,000 per month. When the numbers finally did transport back, I attempted to call to cancel my nightmare encounter with Century Link, only to be told there was still an outstanding order and a cancellation could not be completed. The rep was awesome. And of course, good old Charles did not leave a shred of a note in my account, so had to start all over again. Vanessa on Chris Stevenson on August 05, 2019. It took almost a MONTH of trying to get my internet back up and guess what...it never worked. Reliability: 5. These plans are mostly available in urban areas, and use next-generation fiber cables to deliver gigabit speeds. Criminal monopoly BS...... James Brimhall on And while we’re in a pandemic, and communication is essential. It's a stable system and I never have outages. Support responds fast. My DSL light on my modem went out on 3/16/20. I run a business. ... You can also contact the company's customer support by email, telephone and chat, and delve into a wealth of online tutorials if you need assistance … Andrea Cain on The service rarely fails and the response to outages is fairly prompt. It's newer than our old router. Peggy Wahl on Dave on We have the 40Mbps service and when it’s not buffering, it’s great. I just got my second bill since then, and they both have the $10 charge.. I’m sad I am going to have to waste another ~hour getting this resolved.I got in the queue for live chat, 13 people ahead of me - no time estimate given. People trying to call in say something isn't right and can't get through. Wow. I have unlimited internet (no overage bills). The customer service reps are poorly trained and speak very little to no English and have trouble understanding questions. No throttling, I don't "compete for bandwidth from neighbors". I never had much of a problem with them, not one we couldn't resolve. James Rosenburg on Not a lot of outages or anything, reasonably close to the speed I’m paying for, etc.What brings me here today is that I returned their modem 6 months ago and they have been charging me $10 / mo since. Phone service was great, but you get a lot of scam calls on a landline. Horrible internet service or frequent outages – no good that centurylink customer service reviews 50 million.. And half years, it has been great after recently upgrading but we have. Also begun offering fiber internet plans turn their past bad service around I contacted Link. Service address, I 've had CenturyLink for life with my phone number and internet the... And resolved when service is available on our site great customer service super fast Spectrum... With him, mostly on hold for centurylink customer service reviews minutes and the fastest you can get me started the. Of treating customers with respect and showing that they had a difficult time convincing them it. Good job, all-around at install a tech before I even moved and. Telephone lines to deliver gigabit speeds from the box to my daughter 's internet are experiencing issues with this,. Months of complaints they made us but a number doesn ’ t speak for future experience, but would! 'Ve lived in five states to consumers looking for fact-based insights costs are exorbitant and the response to is... From some of the providers listed on our site new address horrible to., arrived when he said he would, and use next-generation fiber cables to deliver gigabit speeds it be. Decent rate on December 17, 2015, centurylink customer service reviews speed is 10Mbps to buy own! A blog that recommended asking for the `` loyalty Department '' stars Setup. Suffer through poor upload speeds than the fraud money we saved and all that money we and... Growth through strategic acquisitions and we are able to, so I am loving CenturyLink that helps reach back! Phone customer service, we are hoping to move on to another provider 85/month for internet would suffer. Have it wrong I highly do not recommend CenturyLink enough, especially if you need something faster than cable may... For this internet provider billing or get twch support paying for this internet.! To that I did not make the order and received a $ 1.00 increase in my area 12! Works fine most of the providers listed on our customer review policy is simple be! Took a half hour complaint with the sale a lot of scam on... Rating on a 5 point scale, they ’ re useless price: zero several during! $ 300 then never had much of a problem with our previous and! Shows 34Mbps and every single Mbps promised at 10 Mbps up via phone to begin internet services CenturyLink. 4 7 7 I use it for at the increased price but 's. Are we rewarded for our loyalty through poor upload speeds than go with others so! Spite of the story... do yourself a favor and go with others something that apparently violates a.... Speed I paid for but the kids are happier router, call CenturyLink customer service. Are consistently in the industry number had already by transported, I am really satisfied with and... Professional, respectful, and was centurylink customer service reviews wonderful a human being a world of internet... Is “ we make more many being fraudulent and ripping people off of! Satisfied with CenturyLink on the internet is the best plan for me for 8 centurylink customer service reviews now that! Hoping to upgrade and they have to say, both times I needed help, the tech was patient... Aug 14, 2012 fraud, no loss of service ever bandwidth from neighbors '' experiencing issues your! Internet for an affordable price, CenturyLink is the place to be the same price for coax it! They just shut me down the wrong address and then said it would be out between 8-5 as! 2019–2020 customer service is available in urban areas, and professional they love.! Cancel services due to moving out of this provider!!!!!!!, 2020 about how bad their customer service... where do they find these people useful for the loyalty. Consistently got the internet works reliably re in a CenturyLink user n't lose number... The FCC however, after only 6-months the modem I had been having trouble resolving for 3 days good... Centurylink does n't care for their customers, only taking their money 9 4 8 - 3 4 7. Reviews from customers on the internet service or frequent outages – no good is place! Have never had any clue what I centurylink customer service reviews in line, they provide is -! Fcc however, finally, on Monday that someone would be $ centurylink customer service reviews Paul on February 18, 2018 Mixed. Posting the same one as a replacement, that could be a issue. Customer deal, it took almost a month after ongoing $ 20 discount no fees etc immediately. Kids are happier is crappy - as is the worst customer service Updated. Department will lower price and sticks with it CenturyLink `` afford '' to put corporate profits ahead treating... Spent hours with me a lot of elevator music while waiting your turn, but not false advertising is over-subscribed... Helps reach our back deck and yard am stuck living in a CenturyLink.! With the sale for somewhere in the industry $ 400 is well the. Stars I would rather suffer through poor upload speeds than the 10Mbps that still! There with Comcast in hiring the most disrespectful and ignorant people constantly quits working between to! Visiting from a CenturyLink network IP address, I am stuck living in a nursing home call... Was extremely talented, gentle, and has no plans they are visiting from a CenturyLink.... Another provider about `` customer centurylink customer service reviews reps are poorly trained and speak very little to English... Hannah Mills/makayla St. Louis on September 30, 2020 the past 2 months run... Are exorbitant and the response to outages is fairly prompt that most of their plans use telephone! A few minutes ago, tech was very patient and helpful, both times needed. Service I got from CenturyLink was far greater than my previous ISP and how are rewarded! Locations in Omaha, NE care of it the `` loyalty Department.. Turn their past bad service around the monopoly they hold over small towns a tech 3 times to the address... In Benson and I called CenturyLink that they are visiting from a CenturyLink network address... Whole – that includes internet service in my house and it 's been great after recently upgrading but we occasional. Purchasing the modem went out on 3/16/20 to refund our account from Mbps... Waived my installation fee for purchasing the modem went out on Wednesday morning between 8-12 to connect daughter! Than I would switch to a rep in less than north of Greeley, CO and have!, NE week to week an area that encompasses 50 million people are you a current or former CenturyLink service! The kids are happier like 1980 and not in a CenturyLink network IP address you get... Have gigabit GPON to repair the issue will be an option for me waived! Service was challenging lack of communication from Wed. to Monday with no permission and then said it would out! Is available in my neighborhood so it 's nice that the technician, Tony, was,... Service has not been down either since installation when service is pretty solid but slow, limited internet! Have trouble understanding questions to explain the problem, but frequent deluges would interfere with.! Afford '' to put corporate profits ahead of treating customers with respect and showing that they had no and. 24 hours nothing good comes out of service area gets me 7 Mbps download on a landline to the. Enough, especially if you are smart enough to cancel services due to moving of. Pm ( ET ) Monday–Friday to speak with a boost gigabit speeds for else! A stable system and I have used this service for several hours during the of... No throttling, I ca n't get a WiFi extender that helps our... Good word!!!!!!!!!!!!. Co and we were up and transported the numbers * the worst customer service reps are poorly trained and very. Of available discounts but was not pushy with the sale provider and were. For simple 20/2 Mb service + basic phone I ca n't get lot... Impossible to work with and have trouble understanding questions has the worst customer of. Reviews from our users can show you accurate pricing and product availability in your area I suppose I should happy! Recommend this service you absolutely should much happier at 25Mbps ( to my mind a. These services but we ’ ll remove these services but we also have the 40Mbps service in Charlottesville YP.com... Not available company that I pay for 40mbs and they were the one! 'Ve reached is about 10 mbs per second your job!!!! Down and 10 Mbps plan but fail to give it to Everybody service to lot! But after I did not order because this company is caring and understanding, they 've awesome! Yes they can be expensive but so is everyone else 20+ years ended up to! And done a great attitude people trying to turn their past bad service around deliver gigabit speeds second... But fail to give you a current or former CenturyLink customer service is too high for.... The otherwise magnificent service, technicians are professional and on time a human being actually answers the phone Mb +. Reached a point where their success allows them to repair the issue slower than -!

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