Or will Frieza's Multiple Forms crush the Pokémon of Legend? Why fight when you can kill your opponent with a thought. Frieza VS Mewtwo. Frieza vs. Mewtwo (Composited) is a What-If? How does a beam help if you cannot even move. Mewtwo reappeared for an episode in Season 5, where it fought against Frieza for a second time and lost yet again. It … It's time for another villainous Source Rap Battle! Have a fully animated sprite battle! idk who made this but they did a very good job at it please take the time to read it if ur a DBZ or Pokemon fan its pretty awesome and who do you think would win in a all out death match ?? Jokerz-1824 Dec 6, 2014 Goku didn't redirect the disk. Today we're reacting to Frieza VS Mewtwo One Minute Melee battle! Frieza catches mewtwo, they become good friends, And they take over the universe together! Frieza literally blinks to Mewtwo, rips his head off and blasts his body into a charr before Mewtwo will have a single coherent thought about what the fak is happening. He definitely could just mind control Frieza into committing suicide. Frieza would blitz Mewtwo before he could process a word, a deathbeam that the Z-fighters couldn't track would be put through his head. Melee!!!! 12:58, December 14, 2017. Frieza would win so easily. Grabbed his sunglasses and put them on before the light could blind him. Might not be as lopsided as you think. I honestly can't even fathom this fight. He faced off against fellow antagonist Mewtwo from Nintendo's Pokemon in Season 1's Mewtwo VS Frieza. Follow 1702. episode of Death Battle. Arceus vs First Form Frieza (namek saga) 75 results; 1; 2; Insertnewname. He will also appear in Season 5. Frieza destroys Mewtwo instantly, along with the planet. 0 ... Also Mewtwo using a spoon to battle in The Manga looked weird. Mewtwo Vs. Frieza. That's gotta count for. Who's gonna take the title? Mewtwo, don't forget he can just redirect those blasts and attacks back at Frieza and that's what ultimately defeated him before, Goku outsmarting him and redirected those blasts back. Earlier we saw those things cut through trees and rocks chasing after Goku, so when Freeza was standing in front of Goku, he was simply another thing in its path. Wiz: Because the planet Beerus wanted to blow up was Planet Vegeta and Beerus didnt want to do it in case of waking up the Sayian so he decided to have Frieza blow it up, Boomstick: Holy shit! Relentless monsters. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. I really doubt Friza would just one-shot Mewtwo. 1K Views. 0. If that's not FTL I don't know what is. I mean he makes Mewtwo seem like a complete amateur considering that Frieza blew up an entire planet with just his finger and he was still in his first form. just look at that thing, Wiz: Well after destroying the planet Frieza soon learned of the Dragon Balls and decided to travel to planet Narmek to become Immortal but when he got their he came face to face with the super sayian god Goku and was than quickly humiliated, Boomstick: And to make things even worse he was Cut in half By his own attack!!! Goku didn't redirect the disk. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Freiza stood by as he gazed upon the six Dragon Balls he collected when he noticed a bunch of random flashing in the sky. Due to his fear of the legendary, apocryphal form known as Super Saiyan, Frieza destroy… Hotfixes: December 22, 2020 Villain' Themed Death Battles, Death Battles with a Returning OMM Combatant, Death Battles under construction for 1 year, Death Battles under construction for 2 years, Death Battles under construction for 3 years, Death Battles under construction for 4 years, Death Battles under construction for 5 years, https://deathbattlefanon.fandom.com/wiki/Frieza_vs._Mewtwo?oldid=1474689. Mewtwo Stomp. It also appeared in a Shadaloo Test Tube in M. BisonVS God Rugal. I have watched every episode with Frieza. He wasn't without the power to back this claim up, and several entire races and planets lived in fear of his wrath. and as for freza being faster telaports instent and has no range he could go any where kinda like gokus telaport he use's. 2016 Preview SONG TIME Frieza Vs Mewtwo Rap Battle. Mewtwo wins this. Freeza was so focused and taunting him that he didn't see that the disk was still active and target-locked. Or will Frieza's Multiple Forms crush the Pokémon of Legend? Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Wiz: The universe is a vast and huge place filled with many things left unanwsered, Boomstick: It´s also dangerous did you know that 19 people have died in space? I'm just saying this is not a close fight and the only reason people thinks so is because they both look alike, which does not mean it would be a good fight. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. 0 Kudos Mewtwo VS Frieza (Serious) BattleReviews. Mewtwo has done nothing like that. Frieza is a key antagonist from Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z Vs Pokémon! If Frieza is (which, if we use DBZ-physics, he is, by a mile), Mewtwo's defeated before he gets a chance to act. Frieza is not the sharpest tool as shown on his inability to look behind him'. I just think a ridiculous physic being considered to be the strongest physic being that can now evolve into a even stronger physic being that makes the original look like a joke would be able to take on Frieza with ease. 4 Favourites. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Nintendo vs Shōnen Jump' themed Death Battles, 'Anti-Hero vs. Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking Returns—December 29-January 5. If Frieza isn't faster than light (which, if we use Poke-physics, he's not), he's not faster than Mewtwo, Mewtwo gets to screw with reality and basically turn Frieza against himself and probably recover infinitely. Which of these Purple Palleted 90s Antagonists from Japan will surpass the other? Mewtwo could easily cause Frieza to forget why he was fighting, or even who he was. The Infinite Source focuses on delivering quality original entertainment through online media View all posts by The Infinite Source Unmatched destruction. He has fought Mewtwo three times, in two episodes of One Minute Melee and an episode of DBX. Boomstick: And than he became Beerus personal bitch and was used to destroy a planet but why couldnt he do it himself? It's the mighty Frieza vs the telepathic Mewtwo! Wiki Points. You know I'm gonna win! Frieza was the son of King Cold, and heir to the self-proclaimed position as Emperor of the Universe. Hit the notification bell to see new episodes! Case in point the guy who uses no logic, and just says "Frieza can blow up a planet with one finger." Freeza was so focused and taunting him that he didn't see that the disk was still active and target-locked. ThanosCar 6 mo 2 d. Frieza vs Mewtwo #. He created a planet-spanning superstorm with a flick of his wrist. So this is the only place Mewtwo wins so far. and some how he survived, Wiz: He could have died but was found by his Father who quickly took him back and was very quickly put back together with metal parts and had robotic parts for his missing arms, Legs and a portion of his head, Wiz After getting put back together and living Frieza wanted revenge on Goku and him and his Father quickly travelled to earth aannnddd than they were both Defeated by Vegetas own son Trunks and he was also sent to hell, Boomstick: Man this guy isnt able to catch a break but hey atlteast he swore revenge on Goku and all his Friends but fist he had to get out of hell, Wiz: Luckly for him Frieza was revived through the Dragon balls the very thing he sought for, Boomstick: And it was after getting his ass beat by both Goku and Trunks he decided to learn some training, Wiz: And due to his training he finally started unlocking his full potential and due to his training he even surpassed Buu and achieved his new dubbed Golden Frieza form, Boomstick: Now youd think this is all good exceot once agian Frieza made another mistake, Wiz: He kind of made an error in his judgment by not mastering the Golden Frieza form so when he went to earth to get revenge on Goku and Vegeta it was expected that he got his ass handed to him and went back to hell, Boomstick: He really cant escape that place well dont worry cause while there he went throug some more training like Mental and had even learned how to control KI and finally mastered his control over Golden Frieza, Wiz: And thanks to Goku he was brought back to fight in the Tournamnet of power but hey he got 1 for 1 as he was brought to life due to the facts that he did really good against people like Vegeta but he never did beat Goku so like i said a 1 for 1. Mewtwo could just mind rape Frieza. 34 Comments. and someone must of amped up the danger level in movies and books because fictional space is even more dangerous, Wiz: Whether it be a giant purple planet eater, a Giant robotic planet destroyer or even a God of Destruction Fictional outerpsace is possabily the most dangerous places in the world, Boomstick: It could also hold a purple space cat, Boomstick: What no not that purple cat im talking about Frieza the Mutant son and the powerful leader of the Galactic Frieza army, Wiz: And his opponent is Mewtwo the geneticlly modified pokemon which was designed to be the strongest pokemon for this battle Mewtwo will be allowed his two mega evolutions and his Shadow evolutions as well with getting attacks and abilites from the Games, Movies,The Pokemon cards and even from the Manga, Wiz: Amd today we´ll look at their Armor, Stats and Skills to find out who would win? Gallery. Here you go, Balthazar321. Watch the DEATH BATTLE before it hits YouTube as a Rooster Teeth sponsor: http://bit.ly/SponsorScrewAttack 2 Fighters! Frieza would speed blitz the crap out of Mewtwo before he even knew what happened because Frieza is obviously faster than light and can destroy entire planets with no trouble at all. to all the people saying freeza would just blow up the planet. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 As Mecha Frieza 1.2 Battles … Then of course there's the battle with Trunks, but I meant what you described. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. http://smarturl.it/InfiniteTides Download This Song!

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