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New Book Tackles Challenge of Repairing and Rejuvenating a Corrupt American Society

'"Project Blacksheep" has been created to help repair ourgovernment and our Society. It will use the Constitution ofthe United States as its Sword so that "We the People" canreturn this Country to once again be the Strongest mostRespected Country in the World instead of the Hatred it nowreceives. If only we could Join together as One we can bringabout change.' - from 'Project Blacksheep'

BARBERTON, Ohio, Dec. 13, 2007 -- A combustible mix ofautobiographical screed and cultural examination, "ProjectBlacksheep: 'The Book of Burton'" (published by AuthorHouse-, takes a hard look at America(warts and all) under the microscope in the hope of savingit: "Our Government and Our Society is on a downward spiral.... Our Country is no longer what it was dreamt to be butwhat our Government has let it become."

Written by "The Blacksheep," this book contains theories andideologies that can save America. They are based onreal-life experiences and a faith in "God and His incredibleLove." Not that it's a smooth ride. As "The Blacksheep" putsit:

You are about to read the documentary of my life. It will take you through the depths of hell, chew you up, stick you through the grinder, and spit you out. It will Twist Your Mind in directions never imagined!

"Project Blacksheep" offers adventurous, uncommon solutionsfor the problems facing America, as evidenced by chapterheadings such as "The Katrina, Stick & Tape Theory," "RedBlooded American Theory," "The Mouse Trap Theory vs. OurGovernments Test on My Mind" and "The Quantities of Drugs Ihave used In My Life and The Effect They have had on my MindTheory."

Drug abuse is a recurrent theme. "Project Blacksheep"teaches "what it takes to truly live a life free ofsubstance abuse, and alcoholism." Of course, part ofteaching is understanding, and readers will "hear, feel andsee ... the sick and pathetic things people do as drugaddicts, and alcoholics."

As an ordained minister and concerned citizen, "TheBlacksheep" finds inspiration in both the Constitution andthe Bible. The provocative ideas put forth in "ProjectBlacksheep" are sure to challenge notions of where we, as asociety, are today, and where we want to be tomorrow.

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher( for emerging, self-published( authors.For more information, please visit





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