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New Book Addresses a Society-Imposed Lack of Self-Esteem for Ethnic Women

FRESNO, Calif., Sept. 1, 2009 -- Who sets the standard for beauty? Why is it that black women feel inferior to white women, and darker-skinned black women feel inferior to lighter-skinned black women? Aisha Curry brings to the surface an issue in desperate need of attention in her book, "Pretty for a Black Girl! Compliment or Insult?" (published by AuthorHouse -, and explains the ugly truth behind being "pretty."

"One day about five years ago, I was absolutely tired of being told that I was pretty for a black girl," says Curry. "I started asking my friends if they had heard this statement before, and as time went on I realized how prevalent this issue is."

Curry uses real-life examples in "Pretty for a Black Girl! Compliment or Insult?" from her experience as a young, African American woman. In a powerful, personal, refreshingly honest narrative voice, Curry levels with readers about complexion issues, stereotypes and self-confidence. "The wisdom [in 'Pretty for a Black Girl!'] has the potential to free African American women - indeed, all women - to be much more than just 'pretty,'" says Curry. Curry writes:

I had a 24-year-old, African American woman tell me, "I don't see what's so wrong with someone telling you you're pretty for a black girl ... [Y]ou should be happy you're attractive and not one of those unfortunate, ugly black girls who are constantly staring me down because they're jealous." You see, this is what I'm talking about ... Why do you have to accept the fact that someone can say you're pretty for a black and not just pretty? This is the acceptance of being accepted. Black women justify their beauty to feel more accepted by other races.

"Pretty for a Black Girl! Compliment or Insult?" inspires women of all ethnicities to love themselves for who they are, not who they aren't.

Aisha Curry is a dedicated mother and Bible college student. She calls Fresno, Calif. home, but her marriage to a professional athlete keeps her in Europe more often. Through her family's travels and cultural experiences, Curry has broadened her perspectives on women of color. She is in the process of writing two more self-help books and plans on hosting speaking engagements around the world, inspiring and empowering women of all nationalities to embrace their inner beauty.

"Pretty for a Black Girl! Compliment or Insult?"

Available from:,, and

ISBN: 9781438954097 - 6 x 9 - Paperback - 96 pages - $10.49

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher ( for emerging, self-published ( authors. For more information, please visit





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