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'Crochet Your Very Own Lopez String Bikinis': Fashion Designer Shares Patterns

TORONTO, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Fashion designer Audrey Lopez compiles her favorite crochet bikini patterns in her new book, "Crochet Your Very Own Lopez String Bikinis" (published by AuthorHouse --

"Crochet Your Very Own Lopez String Bikinis" includes designs for two triangle tops and nine bikini bottoms. The easy-to-follow patterns can be customized for a perfect fit and for children's sizes. All of the styles are modeled in full-page color photographs, so it's easy to know what your new bikini will look like before you start crocheting it.

Need help deciding which Lopez String Bikini is right for you? Simply answer this question:

What personality type are you -- Conservative, Daring or Brave?

Bikini lovers have plenty of options to choose from. Audrey explains why she included nine patterns for bikini bottoms:

As for the bikini bottoms, I think I could easily fill this book with 101
patterns because every girl likes her bikini bottom to fit a very
particular way. Originally, I included only my three signature bikini
bottoms: The Conservative, The Daring and The Brave. Instead, I've
decided to include nine patterns for the bikini bottoms, with three
different styles for the front and three different rises (a regular rise,
a hip-hugger and an ultra-low rise), each in The Conservative, The Daring
and The Brave. My personal favorite is The Hip-Hugger Conservative bikini
bottom design.

Lopez String Bikinis was launched after Audrey graduated from fashion design school in 1997.

"The triangle top string bikini has always been my favorite bikini," she writes. "To me, anything else was just a pretty bra and panty you could swim in, not something I would classify as a bikini. Every beautiful fabric I laid eyes on was turned into a bikini. However, it was the crochet bikini that quickly became the focus of my designs. I couldn't find a crochet bikini anywhere that I liked for myself. So, I taught myself to crochet and used my original patterns."

Audrey Lopez works as a nurse in a Level II neonatal intensive care unit and is the proud mother of an energetic little boy. With motherhood as her main focus, she has little time for bikini orders. However, now that she has decided to share her crochet bikini patterns, everyone can discover how easy it is to "Crochet Your Very Own Lopez String Bikinis."

More information is available at

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher ( for emerging, self-published ( authors. For more information, please visit





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