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First Novel at 93

LONDON, June 26/PRNewswire/ -- A 93-year-old woman is having her first novel published and with the book's proceeds plans to buy a large house in Devon so she can give a real home to some of her friends who are currently in nursing homes. Lorna Page of Surrey says: ``I started writing as soon as I could hold a pencil; fairy stories, poetry, short stories, and now my novel, a who-done-it. Seems I've been writing for a hundred years and that's practically true!''

During the Second World War Ms. Page helped to organize the local branch of the Women's Junior Air Corps, sewing the uniforms herself. She stayed one lesson ahead of the class she taught in Morse code, and drilled and marched the young cadets around the village lanes, while rearing two children in a cottage with no electricity or running water, "where rats ran through the thatch overhead". She says she was one of the lucky ones to have a house at all. During that period her writing took her away from the everyday life of bomb shelters, gas masks, and air raid sirens.

Ms. Page's book A Dangerous Weakness is being published by AuthorHouse this July. It begins when Marion Hemming accepts an invitation to spend the Christmas holidays in Switzerland with an old classmate from her boarding school days, and is on the brink of doubting her marriage. She never suspects that the seemingly innocent invitation is part of her husband's plan to involve her in a bitter power struggle which includes unanticipated treachery and leads her into uncertain partnerships and liaisons. From a luxurious, forbidding house in the Swiss mountains to London's room eleven on the eleventh floor of a hotel, A Dangerous Weakness catches Marion up in a chase which brings her full-circle to the realities of love and one woman's strength.

Lorna Page is busy at work on her next book, a collection of short stories. "After all," she says, "I have to buy a jolly big house for all the friends I have who are alone and need a home." A signed copy of A Dangerous Weakness can be ordered directly from the author at or is available from your local bookshop.





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