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Stretch Your Food Dollar: New E-book Tells How to Save on Groceries Without Coupons

FREDONIA, Kan., July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- With gas prices pegged at all-time highs and grocery prices following closely behind, many Americans' budgets are nearing the breaking point. But today, help is here: Kerry Irene and Kerry Dale Holyoak have just released their new e-book, "Stretch Your Food Dollar: Feed a family of six with US$240 a month" (

The title is no exaggeration. The Holyoaks have created a simple system for reducing a family's average cost per meal to just $5.12 for a family of four and $7.68 for a family of six. Even a family of twelve can eat for an average of $15.36 per meal using "Stretch Your Food Dollar."

"I don't have the patience to clip coupons or wait for things to go on sale," explained Kerry Irene. "When we first got married, our grocery bills were outrageous, ranging from $600 to $800 monthly for our family of four."

The Holyoaks knew they couldn't continue spending so much on groceries every month, so they experimented with new ways to save money at the grocery store. But it wasn't just about spending less, said Kerry Irene.

"We were also looking for ways to make meals easier and faster to prepare," she stated. "It started to get fun and soon became a challenge to see just how much money we could save while continuing to feed our family nutritious, high-quality meals.

With "Stretch Your Food Dollar," the Holyoaks may have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of meal preparation: cheap, quick and healthy. The book is the result of the Holyoaks' dedication to feeding their own family for much less without resorting to a steady diet of boxed meals. The e-book gives readers specific instructions about which groceries to buy and how to use them. Furthermore, likely to the relief of shoppers everywhere, "Stretch Your Food Dollar" is not another coupon-clipping how-to and does not require waiting for sales and then stocking up. The program is scalable, making it a good choice for individuals and families at all stages of life, from single college students to seniors on fixed incomes.

Once the Holyoaks perfected their system, they began sharing it with friends and family. All have reduced their grocery budgets substantially. Moreover, a secondary benefit emerged: "Stretch Your Food Dollar" was helping people manage their weight -- and, in some cases, even lose pounds. Kerry Irene attributes the weight loss to the e-book's healthy, simple menu.

"Our back-to-basics tips will help readers enjoy meals and put money back into their pockets," said Kerry Irene. "Even if grocery prices continue to rise, our readers will still be spending less than before while enjoying delicious, nutritious meals."

"Stretch Your Food Dollar" retails for $19.95. To purchase the e-book or learn more about the Holyoaks and their money-saving system for buying and preparing groceries, visit





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