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A Friend in Need: Author Publishes Tale of Unlikely Friendship

LAKEVIEW, Ohio, Aug. 27, 2007 -- A stranded pirate named Hank finds friendship and a renewed sense of purpose after meeting the benevolent Bird Master in William R. McDonald's new novel, "Bird Master" (published by AuthorHouse -

In the company of Captain One-Eyed Jack and his gnarl-toothed maties, Hank travels from island to island in search of those to whom he can bring ruin and disaster. Unfortunately, when the crew pulls ashore to the mystical isle where Bird Master reigns over his many faithful animal friends and discover no other humans, they begin to battle each other instead. During the ensuing chaos, Hank suffers a near fatal injury. As the other pirates regroup and board their ship, Hank is left behind.

As he recuperates, Hank befriends Bird Master and eventually becomes good friends with the animals as well. Not long after he has changed his life for the better, he decides to leave the island and return to his family that lies across the vast ocean.

As genuine as it is spellbinding, "Bird Master" weaves a marvelous tapestry of imagery and emotion that is sure to move even the hardest of hearts, and it deserves a special place on any pirate-lover's bookshelf.

McDonald was born in Keidelberg, Miss., in 1948 and later raised in Springfield, Ohio. Shortly after high school graduation, he married and now has two children, a son named Jothan and a daughter named Kristal. He served in the U.S. Marines for two years and was stationed in Okinawa. He currently works for Robbins & Myers where he helps build a wide variety of pumps. Though "Bird Master" is his first publication, he has loved writing poetry and short stories since grade school. He has two forthcoming books, one titled "The Adventures of Bird Master and His Friends," which continues Hank's story, and another titled "Rain Born in the Snow," a story about the unique kinship that some bears and a man make in search of a gold mine.





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