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'Kelly's Destiny': Author Combines Suspense, Deceit and Romance in New Novel

ARLINGTON, Texas, Sept. 18, 2007 -- Kelly Dawson is a beautiful, 22-year-old college student with plenty of money, a close group of friends and just about everything going for her when tragedy strikes one night. Walking alone to her

lly is attacked and kidnapped, held and tortured inside an old warehouse. Fortunately, Kelly escapes, but this is only the beginning of the action in "Kelly's Destiny" (published by AuthorHouse -, the new romance-thriller by Crissy Padgett.

Combining elements of suspense, deceit, romance and mystery, "Kelly's Destiny" follows Kelly as she recovers from the trauma of her abduction and subsequently falls in love with Randy, one of the detectives assigned to her case. While Kelly has had many boyfriends, she has always pushed them away before her feelings could turn to love. With Randy things are different, and their relationship only grows stronger throughout the story's tumultuous chain of events.

Following a lead on Kelly's kidnapping case, Randy and his partner, Mike, stumble upon the bodies of Kelly's attackers. While one attacker is alive and goes on to be tried for his crimes, the other two are dead, and Kelly's necklace is found lying near one of the tortured bodies. Trust becomes
an issue, but Randy and Kelly remain closer than ever before. Randy is set to propose to Kelly when he is called to a domestic disturbance, which almost turns deadly for the detective.

After recovering from a coma, the drama is not over for Randy. When he fails to show up at work one morning, Kelly discovers that he is being held for ransom. In a package delivered to her, Kelly finds a homemade video tape. On that
tape she finds someone she holds dear to her heart, and Kelly realizes that she has been betrayed.

Who is responsible for Randy's disappearance? Will he and Kelly be reunited, or is it too late for a happy ending? "Kelly's Destiny" delivers shocking twists and gripping gasps as Kelly and Randy fight through trial and tribulation, all the while hoping that their love will ultimately triumph.

Padgett was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and is a devoted mother to two little girls. Although she has chosen to stay home with her children, Padgett has discovered that her love
for psychology can be continued through writing, her longtime passion.





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