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New Book Offers Insight on the Importance of Sleep for Memory

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 19, 2007 -- If you want to optimize
your memory and intelligence, grab some Z's. That's the
message behind the new book "REM Illumination Memory
Consolidation" (

Written by Dr. Timothy J. Walter, a sleep medicine physician
and neurologist, "REM Illumination Memory Consolidation"
(Lotus Magnus, August 2007, ISBN-13: 978-1604022377, $19.95)
integrates different research findings on sleep and memory
into the first-ever cohesive theory about the overall
process. Dr. Walter has translated the complex neurobiology
concepts into plain English so that any reader can
understand and benefit from this information.

"REM Illumination" sheds light on at least one of the
reasons why we dream: for the storage of new memories and
their incorporation into the matrix of all our existing

In the book, Dr. Walter describes how a sleeper's brain
progressively cycles through sleep as it "uploads" and
consolidates recent memories. While in REM sleep, dreaming
is most vivid and the times of high dream action and emotion
may be the conscious representation of this memory linking

The REM sleep in the first 90-minute sleep cycle is quite
short. However, as we cycle through different stages of
sleep, each REM sleep period gradually increases in length
until the last cycle, where REM sleep may be more than an
hour in duration.

"This means that seven to eight hours of high-quality sleep
are probably required for optimal mental functioning,"
explained Walter. "Most of your REM sleep occurs during the
last 90-minute cycle, so if you sleep for only five to six
hours, you're cheating yourself out of the longest period of
REM sleep. Sleep is like paying your mortgage. You pay only
interest up front and don't get to the principle until the
end. REM sleep is the principle."

In addition to the printed version, "REM Illumination" is
available as an e-book or audio book at Potential buyers can also purchase
the paperback on at

"Your most valuable asset is your consciousness," said
Walter. "That is why I wrote this book."

About the Author

Timothy J. Walter, M.D. received his undergraduate degree
from Stanford University and his medical degree from The
Ohio State University College of Medicine. He went on to do
a residency in neurology at Georgetown University Hospital
and a fellowship in sleep medicine and neurophysiology at
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He is board certified in
neurology and sleep medicine. Dr. Walter started the sleep
medicine program at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio
and served as the center's first medical director. He is
currently the co-medical director of Capitol Sleep Medicine
Sleep Diagnostic Center in Grove City, Ohio.





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