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Passion Parties Provides Tips for Romance Awareness Month

Passion Parties Expert and Author Pat Davis dishes on ways to keep romance alive in relationships

LAS VEGAS, July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- August is Romance Awareness Month, and for the millions of couples in the US and Canada, Pat Davis, president of Passion Parties International, North America's premier company specializing in sensual products and romance accessories, and author of the Random House best selling "The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex," is shedding some light on how women can keep the romance alive in relationships.

Passion Parties Provides Tips for Romance Awareness Month

According to Davis, there are numerous ways couples can keep the passion thriving. A few of her suggestions are:

-- Send your man a sexy text message or email (not on a work account!) or leave your partner a voice message. Brief messages such as "Can't wait for tonight," "See you at 10" or "You know what I'm waiting for," are all guaranteed to have your partner meeting you that night halfway in the mood already.

-- Meet him at the door in a raincoat -- with lingerie or nothing at all on underneath (of course, kids are at Grandma's this evening).

-- Spark the adventurer in your man and sprinkle White Chocolate Passion Powder(TM) on four areas of your body and tell him you have put it on five. Send him on a hunt to find where you sprinkled this yummy, edible powder. You decide when to tell your little secret.

-- Put a sexy note in his briefcase, lunch box or gym bag.
-- When least expected, flirt with him outrageously.
-- Set a regular date night.

-- Before either of you leave for work, find some sexy or affectionate way to touch him at least once.

-- Personalize your love notes by spraying the perfume he loves most on your stationary and then connect with your guy in a surprise moment in his hectic day.

-- The hottest way to say "I love you" is with Passion Parties Lover's Coupons, or make them yourself, and exchange them for such activities as cuddling, pampering or a "quickie," whatever the two of you enjoy.

-- Be good to yourself. Happy women have great sex.

Davis and her tens of thousands of Passion Consultants reach more than one million women each year through their in-home parties, helping them to add passion and fun to their everyday sex lives.

About Passion Parties, Inc.

With corporate offices based in Las Vegas, Passion Parties, Inc. is North America's premier direct selling company specializing in sensual products and romance accessories. With more than 65,000 women in the USA and Canada having joined their company, Passion Parties empowers women to enhance their lives from the bedroom to the bank through confidential, educational and entertaining in-home parties and the business opportunities. Pat Davis, president of the company, and Passion Parties have been featured in The New York Times, O Magazine, Time and the Chicago Tribune. She has also appeared on NBC's "Weekend Today," ABC's "Prime Time with Diane Sawyer" and E! Entertainment Television. For more information on Passion Parties, please visit





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