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Author Shares Favorite Recipes from Multi-Cultured Childhood in Unique, Tasty New Cookbook

ATLANTA, Dec. 6, 2007 -- Think back to some of your fondestand most vivid memories of childhood. If you are anythinglike author Lise - and most people from cultures wherespecial family recipes are often at the forefront ofcelebrations and daily interactions - many of your memoriesprobably center around food. Drawing upon her experiencesgrowing up in a family that is multi-cultural, multi-racialand multi-lingual, Lise brings to the table a new cookbookloaded with unusual, flavorsome, taste-bud-jolting recipes,"Finger Licking Different: Dutch, Caribbean, Indonesian andSouth American recipes" (published by AuthorHouse -

"The different cultures of my family, languages and ethnicbackgrounds all contribute to who I am, and the recipes Ihave chosen reflect this," Lise writes.

Among the 15 unique and delicious recipes featured in"Finger Licking Different" is "olie ballen," which is Dutchfor "oil balls." While the olie ballen are similar todonuts, they have their own unique flavor. Another favoritethat the author presents is "pinda sauce," a peanut saucethat is a popular Dutch treat often served with frenchfries.

Lise also includes her recipe for black cake, which is verypopular at weddings and other large celebrations. Becausethe ingredients must marinate in liquor for several days,making black cake requires time. But, according to Lise, itis worth it because the cake turns out so exquisite.However, "do not drive after having it," Lise warns. Thecake is so rich that one must be wary of driving under theinfluence!

From luscious pastries to sumptuous soups, other selectionsinclude stoba (sweet stew beef), patties (pastechi),stuffing, cashew cake, Johnny cakes (fried bread), bananafritters, bread pudding, prune cups, "peas" soup, dumplings,and corn meal mush (funchi).

"Finger Licking Different"'s easy-to-follow recipes andmouth-watering, full-color photographs make it a great guidefor anyone who wants to experience a variety of tastesgathered from around the world.

Lise has traveled extensively throughout her life, spendingevery summer and Christmas break as a child visiting andexploring places in Europe, South America and the Caribbean.She draws upon her extensive travels, family background, andcharacter-shaping experiences in a variety of cultures tobring to you a new and tasty way to add to your favoritefoods and something different to share with family andfriends.

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher( for emerging, self-published( authors.For more information, please visit





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