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New Self-Help Book Encourages Readers to Stop Worrying and Change What They Can

'Changing ourselves is easy when we know how. Knowing when
is the most important step. Will you be courageous on your
journey of self-discovery?'

CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 14, 2007 -- When will we find and

unravel the ties that bind us as humans? The commitment to
failure and the repetition of patterns that keep us locked
in cycles of destruction? Why do we have scientific
principles, mathematics, and universal laws regarding change
in our world if we can't do it in real life? Change calls to
us every moment in our individual power to choose.

In her new self-help book, "Change, The Human Dis-ease"
(published by AuthorHouse -,
Angelique Silberman holds up a mirror for those who are
yearning to achieve emotional, physical, sexual and
spiritual balance.

Change doesn't require a great journey in search of the Holy
Grail - just a willingness to look inward, reflect on
strengths and weaknesses, and take a fresh look at our
conditioned way of living.

"We are now being led to believe by our instincts that we
are indeed defining our own reality," Angelique writes. "We
overload our minds on a daily basis with things that may or
may not happen, and worry about the things in life we cannot
change, and yet feel powerless to change the things we can.
It is time we started looking at why we do things."

"Change, The Human Dis-ease" examines the current state and
disorder of a race of beings inhabiting this Earth right now
who are powerless to make a lasting change in anything they
touch. "It is the dis-ease of our souls when we face
challenges that should be easy, and the chaos that should be
the natural order of creation, and manipulate them as human
dramas that keep us all locked into a cycle of destruction,"
Angelique writes.

"Change, The Human Dis-ease," the first book by Angelique
Silberman, is but a snapshot of the profound insight, sharp
wit and honesty of self-appraisal she has come to understand
as a student of the world. More information is available at and

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher
( for emerging, self-published
( authors.
For more information, please visit





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