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'Tales From the Jailhouse Nurse': Revealing New Book Offers Woman's Inside View of Life in Jail

CERES, Calif., June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Fortunately, the inside of a prison is a place most people will never see. But with this fortune comes a deep curiosity about exactly what happens within jailhouse walls, as indicated by the sheer number of movies, television dramas and reality shows relating to prison life. Further satisfying this public interest is a revealing new book by Hailey Woods, "Tales From the Jailhouse Nurse" (published by AuthorHouse --

While the location and names have been changed in order to protect the "not so innocent," Woods' story is a real-life look at the inner-workings of a U.S. prison and the many challenges and rites of passage that she endured to live up to her "Nurse's Pledge" during her time in service there.

Impressively candid, "Tales From the Jailhouse Nurse" shares the gritty details of Woods' jailhouse career from her beginning as a timid, self-doubting nurse to the moment she decided she had to bow out or toughen up and -- having chosen the latter -- her time thereafter. Woods reveals the wide scope of medical issues she was confronted with, from inmates dealing with drug addiction and withdrawal to injury-ridden fights and attempted suicides. Woods also offers a no-holds-barred look at the wide range of people who acted as deputies, both good and bad.

"Working at the jail, I discovered the only difference in some of the deputies and the inmates was who was wearing the badge," Woods reveals. "Some involved themselves in drug smuggling, theft and insurance fraud. Yet, some deputies proved to be courageous heroes, such as the deputies who faced a fiery cell to save an inmate and another who had to make the decision whether or not to risk his life to rescue the inmate who lay helpless in the bottom of the elevator shaft, all the while the elevator car dangling overhead two stories above."

Discover all the trauma, humor, scandal and drama in Hailey Woods' "Tales From the Jailhouse Nurse."

As a high school student, author Hailey Woods dreamed of a writing career. However, she put her dream aside after high school to raise her family, rearing four daughters and two step-children. Taking care of people came naturally to Woods, and she began to envision herself as a nurse. After a devastating divorce, she finally found the inner-strength to face the challenge of nursing school. At the age of 41 she earned her associate's degree in nursing and began her new life as an RN. Now, 10 years later, Woods is combining her fascinating career as a jailhouse nurse with her childhood dream of writing in "Tales From the Jailhouse Nurse," her first book. For more information, visit

AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher ( for emerging, self-published ( authors. For more information, please visit





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