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Trafalgar Square Books Announces Publication of "The New Ride with Your Mind Clinic" by Mary Wanless

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of The New Ride with Your Mind Clinic by Mary Wanless. Mary Wanless helped revolutionize riding, and teaching riding, with her best-selling books and videos describing her Ride with Your Mind technique. Now she’s back with exciting new ideas and exercises that she has discovered since writing her previous books.

Wanless delivers tantalizing tidbits of riding know-how in the form of a riding “clinic”: join her in the arena as her students of varying levels of experience and ability demonstrate common problems with riding position and aiding. Series photos and Wanless’s corresponding commentary expose issues most riders struggle with throughout their riding careers, and how those issues affect the horse’s way of going. Wanless then explains how to practically deal with such rider roadblocks by clarifying error through language and practicing exercises both on and off the horse.

Find out how to use Wanless’s methods to improve faults such as:

•Tipping forward
•Leaning back
•Hollowing the back
•Rounding the back
•Asymmetries in the saddle
•And more

MARY WANLESS has combined her lifetime of equestrian knowledge with experience gained by studying psychology, biofeedback, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques, Tai Chi, massage, dance, anatomy, sports psychology, and educational kinesiology. This has led her to develop an extraordinarily effective method of teaching, based on an understanding of the biomechanical demands of riding and the communication styles that make riding skills easy to learn. Wanless is the author of the highly successful books Ride with Your Mind Essentials, The Natural Rider, For the Good of the Horse, and For the Good of the Rider.

192 pp • 7 ½ x 10 • 150 color photos, 50 illustrations • 978 1 57076 391 5 ∙ $31.95 hc





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