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Trafford Publishing Presents: 'The Circle Stone Group: The Beginning'

CARLE PLACE, N.Y., Sept. 2, 2009 -- On a cold and cloudy night, seven signals are sent to seven unlikely heroes. "The Circle Stone Group" (published by Trafford Publishing - by David Mammina tells the story of a band of warriors, most of them still teenagers, who must fight a newly emerged foe to save their homeland.

The action in the first installment of this trilogy takes place on Sio, a small continent on the planet of Laven. Sio is divided into four main sections that encircle Mount Cris in the middle of the continent. Though Sio's inhabitants are human, they are extremely able-bodied and capable of running faster than people on Earth. They have not, however, managed to find the resources necessary to make any technological advances.

The Circle Stone Group's seven main characters are called upon as the chosen warriors to assume Mount Cris' special powers and defend the people of Sio from the evil Gabent. Though Lenna, Chaily, Ursa, Vicky, Dimi, Ellia, and Ruller range in age from only 9 to 17, they are equal to the challenge. After quickly learning the story of the original seven warriors and mastering their new skills, the group embarks upon a series of battles and near-disasters, meeting new allies along the way.

But Gabent is a strong and masterful opponent, and it appears as if the Circle Stone Group's efforts may be too late. As the first book ends, readers must wait until the second in this trilogy to learn whether the warriors can find help on the planet's four other islands.

There are surely an infinite number of ways to tell a good vs. evil story, but the unique world Mammina has created offers an interesting twist that will delight any reader with a vivid imagination.

About the Author

David Mammina lives in Long Island, N.Y., and has been writing for most of his 16 years. What began as a hobby has led him to publish the first of three stories in this Circle Stone Trilogy. Mammina hopes to own his own restaurant someday, but plans to continue writing for years to come.

"The Circle Stone Group: The Beginning"

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Trafford Publishing is the premier book publisher ( for emerging, self-published ( authors. For more information, please visit





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