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The Course of True Love: Love Conquers All in New Book

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 14, 2007 -- Two pairs of lovers fight the odds to be together forever in Delroy Reid's new novel, "Secrets of Innocence" (published by AuthorHouse -

More than 30 years ago, Logan's mother was a teenager in Italy when she met a dashing young man by the name of Steve Logan at the local farmer's market. Struck by her graceful beauty, Steve waits by a flower seller for six days hoping that Maria will come by again.

Steve is almost ready to give up when Maria strolls into the market once again. This time they are unable to ignore their love, and they spend one incredible night together. However, Steve is from the Ivory Coast, and is unable to stay in
Italy with Maria. Their paths diverge, but neither one is ever able to forget the other.

The product of that fateful night is Logan, who travels from Italy to the United States to become a doctor. One day a beautiful woman is admitted into his emergency room after being attacked in the streets of New York. Though Logan never learns her name, her face haunts him.

Weeks later, Logan is shocked to discover her face staring at him from across a subway train. Their attraction is immediate and undeniable. He learns that the woman's name is Joy, and they fall deeply in love. When Joy admits to Logan that she is carrying the child of her late boyfriend, he accepts the child as his own, and they become a family.

Logan wishes to have his entire family together when the child is born, so Joy invites Maria to the United States for the birth. Their lives are full of happiness and love, but a surprise is just around the bend.

Logan arrives home one day to see a taxi speeding off into the distance. Frightened for his family, he rushes into the house to find his mother in tears. However, it quickly becomes clear that her tears are tears of happiness. After more than 30 years apart, Steve has returned to claim his love and his family. Readers will be shocked to find out what secrets he is hiding in "Secrets of Innocence."

Reid was born in Clarendon, Jamaica, in 1960. A singer, songwriter and inventor, he loves to interact with the public. He attended business school in New York City, where he studied travel and tourism. Reid currently works in the airline industry.





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