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The Perfect Wave Meets the Perfect Summer Book

LOS ANGELES, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- In author David Rensin's All For a Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora, the perfect wave meets the perfect summer read. The Los Angeles Times called it "a kick-butt biography for everyone ... much more than just another day at the beach."

Miki "Da Cat" Dora was surf culture's most influential, iconic, enigmatic, charismatic, outspoken and controversial character, as much for his life off the beach as on the waves at Malibu when it was the center of the surfing universe and he was its king. His story is a wild ride that reads like a suspense novel, a slice of Americana about Dora's pursuit of personal freedom, and how chasing that dream turned him into a hero, an outlaw, and a legend in his own time.

All For a Few Perfect Waves was called "Primo" by Vanity Fair, "Engrossing," by Men's Vogue, and "Great" by the London Times. chose the book as one of April 2008's Significant Seven/Best of the Month. Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions optioned the film rights to the book. The movie? Endless Summer meets Catch Me if You Can.

Dora's antics are legendary. He co-wrote a surf movie that inspired Point Break, stole surfboards from movie sets and resold them, crashed the 1972 Academy Awards, stole an Oscar-winning screenwriter's statue during a party, pulled a drunken 360 on Sunset Boulevard and nearly killed Frank Sinatra, made out with a young Barbra Streisand on the couch at a Beverly Hills party, dated Cher before Sonny, mounted a gold prospecting expedition to Bolivia, spent years searching for the huge mid-ocean Episonic wave, traveled to the Ivory Coast to surf and brought a surfboard bag full of his laundry for the locals to do, caused a punch-up in the early '60s between Dennis Hopper and some skinhead in the stands at the Tijuana bullring, forged airline tickets, spent seven years being chased around the world by the FBI, found the planet's most perfect waves and rode them before anyone, attended the Ambassador Hotel reception the night Robert Kennedy was shot and was interrogated afterward, and told everyone he knew not to talk about him. And that's just getting started.

Ride the wave and disappear into Dora's world. And don't forget your sunscreen.





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