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1ST TO DIE by James Patterson


Available from:
Doubleday Book Club

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You've helped his fast-paced thrillers, from The Thomas Berryman Number to Roses Are Red, zoom up bestseller lists. Now you--and the James Patterson fans in your life--won't want to miss the action as he keeps the plot spinning in a crowd-pleasing new series starring four fabulous women.
Imagine a killer who thinks, 'What is the worst thing anyone has ever done?'--and goes far beyond. A killer who's not content with simply murdering couples blissfully engrossed in their wedding nights but leaves his own sadistic calling cards. That's the killer outraging San Francisco's Women's Murder Club: homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer, chief medical examiner Claire Washburn, Chronicle reporter Cindy Nicholas and assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt. Determined to solve the case, they come up with a prime suspect. But the brass won't touch the socially prominent writer--even though he has a history of spousal abuse and his unpublished first novel is about a honeymoon killer!
Order your copy of 1st to Die now and find out how the four women get to the heart-stopping climax before it appears as an NBC miniseries in May! Explicit sex, violence and language. James Patterson tells you about his exciting new series Dear Reader,
I grew up in a house full of women--my grandmother, mother, three sisters, and two cats--and out of this dizzying but also exhilarating experience comes a new series of suspense novels that I believe will rival Alex Cross.
1st to Die begins the new series. It features four women in San Francisco who work together to solve a baffling and disturbing murder case.
These women--a homicide inspector, a medical examiner, an assistant D.A., and a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle--find that the usual procedures in their respective offices aren't working. They form a Women's Murder Club to collaborate outside the box and solve the case in a unique and completely surprising manner.
I've had an absolute ball writing 1st to Die, and I believe it's an 'un-put-downable' as any book I've ever written.
I hope you'll feel the same way. James Patterson

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