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AN INCOMPLETE EDUCATION by Judy Jones and William Wilson


Available from:
Quality Paperback Book Club

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Itís no secret that our education system isnít producing too many Renaissance boys and girls these days. But if your schooling deprived you of essential knowledge (like the difference between fission and fusion, or the meaning of disinflation), itís not too late. This updated edition of the perennially popular reference bible has been outfitted with a whole new arsenal of info on global affairs, popular culture, economic trends, scientific principles, and modern arts. It includes 3,684 tidbits in allómore than you ever could have learned in school (even if you hadnít been sleeping in class).

Know it all

Why are Shiites and Sunnis always at each otherís throats? Is postmodernism dead? And what in blazes are transcendental numbers? An Incomplete Education answers these questions and thousands more with wry wit and impressive authority. Pick your poison: American Studies, Art History, Economics, Film, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Science, World HistoryóEducation expertly distills the bottom line on each. And if you already have a handle on the basics, this edition will challenge you with an expanded treatment of the geopolitical upheavals of the past decade, from South Americaís economic freefall to the violent radicalization of the Muslim world to the trade agreements defining twenty-first century globalization. Of course, if thatís not quite enough, you can always peruse ďA Nervous Americanís Guide to LivingĒ and ďLoving on Five ContinentsĒ before you answer a personal ad in the International Herald Tribune.

So, what really happened in Platoís cave? Wouldnít you like to knowÖ

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