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BANKRUPT by David Limbaugh


Available from:
American Compass

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When we launched American Compass at the beginning of 2004, one of the books we featured and the one that most members chose when joining was David Limbaugh's Persecution, which Sean Hannity rightly called a great book—one that “shows how liberals have undermined our Constitution and are waging undeclared war on the very people—Americans of faith—who have made America the beacon of freedom and justice that it is.”

Liberal, yes, but he might have said Democrat.

Democrats are lost. Craven self-interest and the politics of personal destruction have all but subordinated the national interest in the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. The Clintons virtually declared war on the rule of law and allowed Bill's corrupt personal and political interests to contaminate the entire Democratic Party. Now the author of the bestselling Persecution (and the younger brother of Rush) lays bare the ideological excess and moral corruption that have seized the Dems. Cal Thomas says of Bankrupt, “David Limbaugh brings a lawyer's mind and a Christian's heart to his subject,” and it's true.

“As…Bush picked his cabinet,” David writes in Bankrupt, “Democrats…were aghast that [he] had the audacity to choose conservatives…. They viewed his choices…as breaches of his promise to seek a 'new tone'…. They were Bush's first 'lies.' …Democrats, who superficially demand diversity, weren't the least impressed that President Bush nominated three women, two African American men, and one Hispanic man. They insisted on ideological diversity as well.”

This is a must-read book going into the midterm elections. David discusses how the Democrats are undermining the War on Terror, undermining the Commander-in-Chief, eviscerating the Constitution and the judiciary, politicizing race and class, and are continuing their attack on values and faith.

But the book comes with a warning: We underestimate the Democrats at our own peril. Read it, pass it along, and vote Republican.—Brad Miner

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