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BEAUTIFUL BOY by David Sheff


Available from:
Doubleday Book Club

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Nic Sheff was the apple of his father Davidís eye. Handsome and fun-loving, he was a varsity athlete, an honor student and a loving older brother. Even as David divorced Nicís mother and pursued his busy journalism career, his soft spot for Nic never hardened.

But there was another Nic whose existence David long denied. This Nic got drunk at age 11, spent his teen years smoking pot and doing ecstasy and coke, and finally succumbed to heroin and crystal meth addiction. This Nic was a compulsive liar who lived on the streets, went in and out of rehab and stole from his eight-year-old brother. His addictions would consume both his and Davidís livesóuntil Nic found the strength to get clean, and David found the strength to forgive himself for the role, both real and imagined, he played in Nicís descent into drug hell.

In this remarkable pair of New York Times-bestselling books, Nic and David each tell their own side of the story. Beautiful Boy chronicles Davidís obsession with his sonís addiction with a journalistís eye and a fatherís heart. Tweak is Nicís memoir of his years as an addict, centering on the near-fatal relapse that spurred him to get cleanóand the ongoing struggle to stay that way.

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