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CELL by Stephen King


Available from:
Doubleday Book Club
Quality Paperback Book Club

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When it comes to turning the ordinary into the macabre, Stephen King has no equal. One thing you won’t do while reading Cell is pick up the phone….

Walking along a busy street in Boston, Clayton Riddell is euphoric, having sold not one, but two graphic novels to a publisher. But he’s literally stunned out of his reverie by the sound of a ringing cell phone and the unimaginable sight of its owner, a well-dressed woman, viciously clawing at a street vendor! Nor is she the only one to go berserk. Looking around, Clay is horrified to see people attacking each other with savage intensity.

Desperate to escape the madness, Clay takes refuge in his hotel with Tom McCourt, another non-cell user, and Alice, a teenager they rescue from the clutches of a knife-wielding maniac. Are they the only ones still sane? Worried about his wife and son, Clay is determined to get home. And with nightfall, when he sees the “phone crazies” come together in snarling packs that retreat into the shadows, their small group gathers anything they can find to use as weapons and makes their way to Tom’s nearby town. What happens next makes Stephen King the master of horror. For while Clay, Alice and Tom try to sleep, the crazies infiltrate their dreams. And what they see brings forth a fierce determination to survive, even if it means becoming killers themselves…. Explicit violence and language.

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