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CROSS by James Patterson


Available from:
Literary Guild
Doubleday Book Club
Mystery Guild

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The past can leave deep scars—especially when the woman you love was murdered and her killer never found. James Patterson’s bestselling star character, Alex Cross, finds himself haunted by his own hellish history in Cross, the new crime-drama that will have you on the edge of your seat even as Cross himself moves toward the depths of despair.

The years have not been altogether unkind to Alex. His life with Nana Mama, Damon, Jannie and little Alex is finally in order. He’s left his job at the FBI and started his own psychology practice. And at last, he might even be ready for romance with a new woman.

But all of that changes in an instant when his ex-partner John Sampson calls in a favor. He’s tracking down a serial rapist in Georgetown, one whose M.O. echoes a case Sampson and Cross worked together. When Alex finds out that this case might have a connection to the man who murdered his wife, he latches on for an urgent and terrifying ride. Can justice finally be served? Or will Alex take vengeance into his own furious hands? Discover the truth about Cross’s tragic past—and the darkness within his heart—in this action-packed emotional thriller. Explicit violence.

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