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Make no mistake: we are in war for America's future, and Bill O'Reilly is pretty much at the front of it—his “The O'Reilly Factor” on FOX News® being one of the main skirmish lines in the ongoing battles between secular progressives (the S-P) and traditionalists. Bill is a traditionalist, maybe even our Commander-in-Chief, and Culture Warrior is his account of the tactics the enemy employs in the war. Who is the enemy? Among otherss: the ACLU, George Soros, the Hollywood Left, liberal media and all those reckless judges whose glory is setting free child molesters and other felons.

For most of us, these issues are played out in conversations at cocktail parties and backyard barbecues, but for O'Reilly it all happens on national television—whether in debates with lefties on the “Factor” or in contentious (and newsmaking) interviews with Letterman or Leno. But from his point of view, it isn't conservative Bill versus liberal Al (Franken), since O'Reilly doesn't consider himself a conservative, and actually doesn't have much nice to say about a number of conservatives and right-of-center institutions, whom he believes muddy the water. Still he concludes that “the amount of smear exposure the far-right is able to deliver pales against the defamation the far-left can deliver because of elite media sympathies.” Attacks by The New York Times against Christmas, for instance, or by actor George Clooney, who calls O'Reilly “Satan.”

O'Reilly takes it all pretty much in stride, and he has learned to keep his wits about him, since there is so much at stake.

I think Bill's call to each of us to become a warrior for traditional culture is spot on, and in his final chapter he lays out a Code for living. What is it? Well, for that you need to buy the book, but I will say this: It sounds a lot like conservatism.—Brad Miner

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