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Science Fiction Book Club

Join Science Fiction Book Club for a great deal on DEAD WITCHES TELL NO TALES

Even in the Hollows—Cincinnati's home to all supernatural folk—vampires and werewolves can make strange bedfellows. Just ask Rachel Morgan, private investigator and witch. First her ne'er-do-well boyfriend disappears into the night. Then the hunky protégé of vampire crimelord Piscary starts eyeing her curves…not to mention her throat. Throw in a demon or two keen to singe her hide—or take her soul—and you'd think she was the poster child for doom instead of one savvy spellcaster. Luckily she shares her business and the deconsecrated church she calls home with roomies Ivy, lithe living vampire, and Jenks, the world's crankiest pixie. For it'll take more than a few charms and a sexy pair of boots to grind down the hell—magic and mayhem that surround her.

Every Which Way But Dead finds Rachel in a battle of wits and spells, going head to head with nemesis Trent Kalamack and the dark magic he'd long ago forged in becoming a drug lord. Who would have guessed Rachel's own father had been his partner? But as she reels from this blistering truth, arch-demon Algaliarept returns to claim her as his familiar, a bargain she'd struck in exchange for his testifying against Piscary. The price for failing to comply? Her soul whisked off to the darkest ever-after….

In A Fistful of Charms, Rachel's former boyfriend, Nick, has stolen the focus, a cursed Were statue able to create new Weres through biting rather than birthing. The statue is the stuff of legend—and ultimate power, for it would give Weres dominion over vampires…and spark all-out war. To stop a bloodbath no one wants, Rachel will pull out every stop, spell and incantation to save the day. Includes Every Which Way But Dead and A Fistful of Charms. Warning: Explicit sex and language. Jacket art by Chris McGrath. (839 pp.) 2005-2006.

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