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ECHO PARK by Michael Connelly


Available from:
BooksFree (Paperback)

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On the back of the book jacket for Echo Park the publisher writes that Michael Connelly "...has won every major prize for crime fiction." The thing about braggadocio like that is you'd better have the chops to back it up—and Connelly does, in spades. I've been reading him since a Northern Wisconsin fishing trip turned into a rain-soaked washout—salvaged only by Connelly's The Poet. That was nearly a decade ago and, frankly, as much as I loved The Poet, Connelly has just kept getting better. There are some guilty pleasure books I read on the subway with the covers discretely hidden from prying eyes; with Connelly I hold it up inpeople's faces sort of saying, "Hey, if you knew what's good for you, you'd be reading this."

Echo Park is vintage Connelly, featuring everyone's favorite detective, Harry Bosch. Thirteen years ago, Marie Gesto vanished after walking out of a supermarket. She was never found and it's been a case that has haunted Bosch throughout his career. In the present day, a sadistic killer makes a stupid mistake and is caught with two bags of chopped-up women in his van. At his arrest he admits to killing Marie along with nine other victims. It turns out Harry had a chance to stop this freak 13 years ago, but blew it. Now he's got nine more ghosts he could have saved following him around.

But, is this butcher behind bars Marie's real killer? He knows where she's buried, so he must be. Or, is someone pulling the strings to make it seem that way? Full of twists, surprises, red-herrings, and heart-stopping suspense, Echo Park confirms that if you want a literary thriller, there's simply no one better than Michael Connelly.—Michael Phillips, Senior Writer

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