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EINSTEIN by Walter Isaacson


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Itís easy to imagine Einstein presenting his general theory of relativity as the old man with the crazy hair, twinkling eyes, and bushy mustache who would become the universally accepted symbol for eccentric genius. But, many forget that this brilliant man changed the course of physics forever when he was only 26 years old. Who was this man? How did he become so fascinated by the way the world works? What was his personal life like? And, what precisely do his matter-shattering theories mean? Renowned biographer Walter Isaacson answers these questions and many more in this fully realized portrait of one of the worldís greatest thinkers.

From the beginning, Einstein was a rebel and nonconformist. His character, creativity, and imagination were related, and they drove both his life and his science. Working as a clerk in the Swiss patent office, he would produce four papers that would literally change the universe forever. Any biography of Einstein has the unenviable task of explaining his theories, but Isaacson is up to the task, presenting relativity and quantum physics in terms a layman can understand and a physicist can respect. Relying heavily on Einsteinís personal papers that have recently become available, Isaacson presents Einstein as a revolutionary, exposing the fallible man (prepared to be surprises by his personal life) behind the myth.

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