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“Michael Gill lived a charmed life right up until the day in his mid-50s when he was fired from his high-paying executive job. Then the rest of his life began to spiral downward. He became one of those people who walks around Manhattan wearing an expensive suit but has no place to go. Then one day a young manager at Starbucks asked Gill if he wanted a job, and he surprised himself by saying yes.

Gill started off by cleaning bathrooms and mopping the floor. He discovered he had a lot to learn about working in a coffee house. When he moved up to the cash register, he was so agitated he didn't realize he knew one of the customers until she said “Hi, Dad.”

Nothing in Gill's past—growing up in a mansion, holding an important job, socializing with celebrities—had prepared him for the challenges of being a coffee house employee, including the challenge of making ends meet on the salary. But after struggling with this for months, he came to an astonishing realization: he respected himself more than at any point in his life, and he could even say he’d never been happier.

HOW STARBUCKS SAVED MY LIFE has some of the fascination of NICKEL AND DIMED, but in this case, the job changed the author’s life in a positive way. I’ve probably thought about and talked about this memoir more than anything I’ve read this year.”—Larry Shapiro, Editorial Director

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