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History Book Club

Join History Book Club for a great deal on JAMESTOWN, THE BURIED TRUTH

Established in 1607, Jamestown was the vanguard of English settlement in the New World. By 1620, the year of the Pilgrim's famous arrival, the majority of the James River basin, from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to within twenty miles of modern day Richmond, had been settled under the sponsorship of the Virginia Company. One year earlier, in 1619, a political body drawn from the region's male settlers had convened on Jamestown Island, the first of what would prove to be innumerable expressions of English representative government in North America. In short, writes William M. Kelso, “the American dream was born on the banks of the James River.” (p. 1)

Yet despite its crucial importance as both a site and symbol of America's political and cultural origins, there is much we're still learning about this pioneering community. In Jamestown, the Buried Truth, archeologist William M. Kelso, the Head of the Jamestown Rediscovery Project, offers a sweeping, colorful, and highly informative survey of what we now know about this remarkable chapter in our nation's story.

Drawing largely on the findings he and his team have made, including evidence of glass making found in trash pits and recovered armor that suggests the presence of a military barracks, Kelso takes readers on an invigorating historical journey, exploring Jamestown's troubled and tumultuous early years, the lives and livelihoods of its various settlers, and the community's complex relations with its Native American neighbors. One of the book's most fascinating discussions centers on the skeletal remains of a young male who died of a gunshot wound, possibly signifying previously unknown political or social unrest.

A hugely important work published to coincide with the settlement's historic 400th anniversary, Jamestown, the Buried Truth sheds vivid new light on America's birthplace.
256 pages • 6 1/2" x 9 1/4" • 150 color & b&w illustrations • maps

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