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KNIFE OF DREAMS by Robert Jordan


Available from:
Science Fiction Book Club

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The Wheel of Time is a world ruled by kings, queens and Aes Sedai—women who wield the One Power: a world where Light and Shadow war unceasingly. Bound outside of time at the moment of Creation, the Dark One had escaped his prison long enough to taint the male Aes Sedai with madness, destruction and death. For more than three thousand years, nothing was so feared as a man who could channel. And for all those years prophecies foretold that the Dark One would touch the world once more, bringing the end of Creation. Humanity's only hope was the Dragon Reborn—a man who could channel the One Power, destined to face the Shadow in the Last Battle.

In Knife of Dreams, the dead are walking, men are dying impossible deaths, and it seems as though reality itself has become unstable: all signs of the imminence of the Last Battle. But Rand al'Thor dares not fight until he has sealed all the Waygates of the Dark One's prison. He faces other dangers as well—the Daughter of the Nine Moons has agreed to meet him in a truce, but to forge it he must risk stepping into a Seanchan trap. And there are those among the Forsaken—those Aes Sedai who have gone over to the Shadow-—who will go to any lengths to see him dead.

Meanwhile...Mat Cauthon weds the intriguing Tuon Paendrag, the hunted heir to the Seanchan Empire. But as he sends her off to fight for her crown, he knows that when next they meet, it may be on opposing sides of the battle….Desperate to rescue his wife Faile from the Shaido's Wise Ones, Perrin Aybara is forced to make a deal with one he has no reason to trust: Tylee, Banner-General of the Seanchan army....Her powers chained by drugs, Egwene is Elaida's captive at Tar Valon. But not all the sisters are as solidly behind Elaida as Egwene had feared. Can she use their dissension to undermine Elaida's control?….Her city under siege, her allies under attack by assassins, Elayne Trakand's bid for the Lion Throne of Andor goes from bad to worse when the Black Ajah catches her in a trap. All appears lost, until her enemies make two vital mistakes…. (783 pp.) 2005.

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