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NATURE GIRL by Carl Hiaasen


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“I’ve been reading Carl Hiaasen’s novels since he started writing in 1986. And usually by this point in an author’s career, the plots aren’t as always as original as they once were, or maybe the characters start to seem as fresh as three-day old catfish. Not the case with Mr. Hiaasen. Just when I thought his last book (Skinny Dip) was the best one yet, along comes Nature Girl—and it’s even better.

Honey Santana is a single mom trying to raise her 12-year-old son Fry the best she can. But on the same day her boss, the lecherous Louis Piejack, gets a crab mallet to his privates trying to cop a feel off Honey, she gets a call from someone we all hate: a telemarketer, during dinnertime. To make matters worse, Boyd Shreave, the feckless phone jockey on the other end, loses his patience with Honey’s unenthusiastic attitude towards buying Florida real estate and calls her a “dried up old skank.” Bad idea. Now Boyd has become Honey’s Public Enemy #1 and she intends to teach him a lesson in civility. Add to this disastrous idea Boyd’s fed up girlfriend Eugenie, Honey’s vengeful ex-husband Skinner (who put Piejack’s hand into a Stone Crab trap for touching Honey—the doctors sewed his fingers back on the wrong way), and a Seminole Indian who sees the ghost of a dead Wisconsin tourist and well, things don’t go as smoothly as Honey hoped.

If you’re a Hiaasen’s fan there’s nothing I can say that will stop you from buying this (why would I want to stop you?) If you don’t know Hiaasen and you don’t have anything against laughter then I urge you to buy Nature Girl. You won’t be disappointed. I never am.”—Michael Phillips, Staff Writer

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