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As I read Tom DeLay's fascinating book (written with noted author Stephen Mansfield), I thought of Gen. MacArthur's great speech to Congress—the one in which he famously said that “old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Soldiers, possibly; politicians, never. Tom DeLay, so often referred to as embattled, will not go quietly—nor should he. In fact, based upon my reading of No Retreat, No Surrender, I suspect he'll be back. Soon.

The book is part autobiography, part manifesto, part political handbook, and part apologia. DeLay's first career was in the pest-control business (where he saw firsthand government regulators gone wild), and I assure you that Democrat readers of this book will find it every bit as toxic as did the boll weevils Tom used to exterminate. But I'm betting the media will grab onto the sections of the book that lay bare DeLay's exasperation with the GOP's congressional leadership—most especially with another member of the Texas delegation, Dick Armey, and with Newt Gingrich.

He describes the highly politicized financial and ethical “scandals” that drove him from the House, and there's an element of self-justification in his self-defense (which could serve as a deposition if he ever ends up in a courtroom, which I doubt). He carefully gives his side of the story, and I came away convinced that he'll never be convicted of any wrongdoing.

But he also speaks quite frankly about his early days as a hard-drinking womanizer, and in this there is neither self-pity nor rationalization. The Lord has touched his life, he learned hard lessons, and he walks now along the narrow path.

This last part is what gives his conservative program for a better America its power. Tom DeLay knows the true source of our rights, and nothing will stop him from speaking and acting for God and for country.—Brad Miner

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