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Sylvia Browne is not one to shy away from controversial topics. Her research into the clandestine world of secret societies along with her amazing communication with her spirit guide, Francine, has discovered that these organizations are not as hidden as one would think and may even exist in religion, politics, economy, government, crime and other worldwide influences.

From the mysterious secrets of the Knights Templar to the powerful orders of the modern age, Secret Societies unearths the truth, like the amazing influence of the Freemasons on our Founding Fathers, the influence of religion on earth-shaking secrets and terrorism, the agenda of powerful secret societies for a “New World Order” and much more. As Sylvia shares her knowledge of the conspiracies, coverups, long-held secrets, misinformation and power manipulations of secret societies in the past, she reveals how they can also affect us today and in the future. She even gives us information on a powerful secret society that no one has even heard about!

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