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SEND by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe


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“Scenario #1. Your friend sends you the jerky e-mail she got from her boss. You reply by agreeing that the guy is a moron. Only problem—your reply goes to the boss instead of to your friend

Scenario #2. Your husband is away on a business trip. The morning he’s expected back, you receive an e-mail saying ‘Sorry…in love with my colleague…my lawyer will call.’

Scenario #3. You’re at your desk when an e-mail arrives from a client and it’s all in caps. Is the client angry? Is he just assertive? Is he just a bad typist?

Oh, e-mail. It’s brought such wonderful advantages as ‘speaking’ to your friends on another continent every day free and not having to constantly talk on the phone. But, it’s also brought more miscommunication, bad manners, a** covering and time wasting than any other modern convenience I can think of.

Finally, there’s a book that tells us exactly how to use the net to our advantage, and not to make idiots of ourselves. It might not sound like much—until you consider that nowadays, almost all our communication, in business, with friends, with appointments, is done by e-mail. Mastering email is a lot more than plunking down a few keys, and this essential guide is the first and last word on the subject.”—Victoria Skurnick, Editor-in-Chief

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