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Have you ever wondered why some of the relationships you have are effortless and wonderful—while others are a constant source of friction and aggravation? Now, internationally acclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne sheds new light on why we get along so well with some people, while all we do is fight with others. Prepare to take a remarkable excursion that covers all the relationships we have in life—both this and the previous ones. From early childhood bonding experiences to the connections we make as adolescents, from our early romantic involvements to the people with whom we end up spending our golden years, Sylvia helps us see why we form both good and bad unions, and also to understand why we are attracted to some people and repulsed by others. The insights Sylvia shares will help you sift the chaff from the wheat in your own relationships, and help you cultivate connections that make for a more fulfilling life.

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