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SURVIVE! by Peter DeLeo


Available from:
Doubleday Book Club

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“‘Hang on, we’re going down!’ I’m going to try and float her into the trees and scrub some speed off. We’re gliding just above the treetops now. Everything appears as a streak of blurred images. Instinctively I know I must slow her down and stretch out the flight in order to reach a clearing that I spot just ahead. It isn’t much of a clearing—perhaps large enough for a helicopter—but it’s our only chance….’”—from Survive!

Flying with two friends in late November 1994, Peter DeLeo’s single-engine plane crashes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Although he suffers 16 broken bones, DeLeo is the only member of his group capable of searching for help. With no food, water or emergency supplies, DeLeo treks for 13 death-defying days to find aid. This is his incredible true story, one which he has refused to speak about publicly—until now. Photos.

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