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She was closer to the Fuhrer than any other woman. His associates found her vulgar. Outsiders didn’t know of her existence. And Hitler’s chauffeur called her “the unhappiest woman in Germany.” Despite 700 biographies about Hitler, only two have been written in English about his long-time mistress and wife of 36 hours, Eva Braun. The first is out of print. The second, from Angela Lambert, is an exhaustively researched, fascinating look at the naïve young woman who lived her short life in Hitler’s thrall.

Eva was well brought up and schooled in a convent. She worked as an apprentice at a camera shop where, at the age of 17, she met Hitler for the first time. Eva filled his criteria for women: virginal, malleable and unthreatening. She was also vivacious and athletic. But why was she so drawn to this man, 23 years her senior?

Hitler was magnetic and charming. According to Eva’s cousin Gertraud, Eva longed to escape from her controlling father—only to find she’d gone from the frying pan into the fire. Lambert explains, that Hitler’s “treatment of this one young woman—first enthralling, then dominating and finally destroying her—reflects in microcosm the way he also seduced and destroyed the German people.” Critically acclaimed, Lambert’s highly readable book features 32 pages of intimate photos and offers a penetrating look at the woman who fell madly in love with history’s most monstrous dictator.

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