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Steve Berry, “…the next John le Carre…in international intrigue fiction” (Florida Times-Union) returns with another nail-biting adventure that mixes hidden histories with page-turning suspense. This time Berry focuses on the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Library of Alexandria.

The Library of Alexandria was once the largest collection of ancient knowledge ever assembled, but fifteen hundred years ago it vanished. No trace of the main library has ever been unearthed…maybe for the best. When retired CIA agent Cotton Malone’s adopted son is kidnapped by a sinister cabal of killers, he is forced to track down the Alexandria Link in return for his son’s freedom. But when the link turns out to be an old friend of Malone’s named Haddad, Malone knows someone in the U.S. government is leaking information to the kidnappers. When Malone discovers that the library contains religious histories showing that the Promised Land is not actually in Israel but in another powerful Middle East country, the entire region could break out into war engulfing every major player on the planet.

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