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Once again New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz takes us to the edge of our seats with a love story shrouded in suspense—and terror.

Amy Redwing is a legend among California dog lovers for creating an organization dedicated to rescuing golden retrievers from abusive or uncaring homes. Yet the huge risks she takes to save animals is of great concern to widower Brian McCarthy. Amy’s refusal to return his love worries Brian as well since he’s convinced that the only thing holding her back is pure, unmitigated fear—and he’s right. For soon after Amy goes to particularly dangerous lengths to rescue Nickie, a remarkable female golden, her ignominious past casts its dark shadow.

First, Amy can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched, and her animals, including the devoted Nickie, are eerily restless. But it isn’t until an intruder leaves behind chilling hints of horrors to come that Amy begins to feel as desperate as the creatures she so valiantly saves. Now, all she can do is pray that when the time comes, someone will be there to save her.

The climax of this transcendent thriller is every bit as stunning as the breathtaking beginning. Koontz has never been better.

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