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THE ENEMY AT HOME by Dinesh D'Souza


Available from:
American Compass

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Left-wingers say the 9/11 attacks were all our fault—they took place because of America's arrogance and our blind support of Israel. Conservatives reply that the Left is unpatriotic, maybe even treasonous. The two sides are basically yelling past each other, repeating the same charges ever more loudly.

Veteran social and cultural analyst Dinesh D'Souza has come up with a startling suggestion: Why don't we try listening to what Muslims are actually saying? And why don't we try examining our own premises about democracy, for instance, and its universal desirability?

If we take D'Souza's advice we will get some sharp surprises. Through four years of in-depth research, D'Souza has discovered that many Muslims (traditionalists as well as radicals) do feel contempt for America—not because of our leaders' arrogance but because of the decadence of our society. The things the Michael Moores among us are so proud of—raunchy sex-drenched movies, gays and lesbians cavorting naked in gay-pride parades, abortion on demand—are among the things the 9/11 hijackers were attacking.

What about democracy? Do we really want free elections in Saudi Arabia or Jordan? That is, do we really want to remove regimes relatively friendly to us and replace them with Al Qaeda?

This provocative, often shocking book is must reading for anyone concerned with our country's safety in a dangerous

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