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THE GHOST by Danielle Steel


Available from:
Doubleday Book Club

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Dear DBC Reader, My sister, who is an architect, often asks me what books I recommend. This month, I know exactly what my answer will be: Danielle Steel's 41st best seller, The Ghost. In it, Steel weaves together two love stories, centuries apart, but each tender and just a little bittersweet.
Charles Waterston flees to the New England countryside after his wife leaves him and his professional life (he's an architect like my sister) falls apart. He's hoping quiet, small town life will bring peace to his troubled soul.
Charlie rents a beautiful lakeside chateau where he feels at home for the first time in ages. And he is tremendously intrigued by the woman who lived there 200 years ago, a beauty named Sarah Ferguson.
He actually sees her one night, a young woman welcoming him with a warm smile. When he discovers Sarah's journals in the attic, he knows they hold a message for him. As he reads, he's captivated by the daring woman who fled England and her brutal husband to start a new life. Like Charlie, she had given up on love, deciding never to let anyone hurt her again. But then she met a man who changed her life forever.
Their love and all they endured gives Charlie the strength to let go of the past and the freedom to embrace the future that is right before his eyes.
The Ghost is for anyone who has loved, lost and needs a little courage to love again. If you're already a Danielle Steel fan, The Ghost is sure to be a new favorite. And if you've never read her, this novel will show you why she's so popular. It also makes a great book for your reading group! Regards, Sharon Fantera Senior Editor

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