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THE GOOD GUY by Dean Koontz


Available from:
Mystery Guild

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Having a beer at the bar in his friend’s tavern one night, Tim Carrier is approached by a jittery stranger who takes the seat next to him. What else can it be but a case of mistaken identity when the man furtively slips Tim an envelope containing $10,000 cash, promising he’ll get the rest after the job is done? Leaving behind the photo and address of a beautiful young woman, the man abruptly walks out. Any doubts Tim has as to what it could mean are dispelled by another stranger who arrives within minutes, believing Tim—a guy beloved by all his friends—has hired him to commit murder….

Proving once again that he’s “a master of the edge-of-your-seat, paranoid thriller” (Newark Star-Ledger), Dean Koontz ratchets up the tension as Tim, making a last-ditch attempt to save the woman’s life, tells the hired gun to take the money and come after him instead. He knows, of course, that making himself the target is just buying time; whoever wants her dead will soon realize he’s been ripped off. And that means Tim now has two lives to save—his own and the mystery woman. But from who? As he soon finds out, the devil himself would be no match for this adversary. Up against the embodiment of pure evil, Tim must find the courage to turn himself, an ordinary good guy, into a hero…and fast.

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