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THE HUSBAND by Dean Koontz


Available from:

Doubleday Book Club
Mystery Guild

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We have your wife. You can get her back for two million cash.
“You’ve got until midnight Wednesday.”
“This is nuts. Where would I get two million bucks?”
“You’ll find a way.”
“It isn’t possible, I’m a gardener. I’ve got maybe eleven thousand in the bank.”
“Just so you’ll know we’re serious. See that guy across the street?”
Still holding the phone to his ear, Mitch turned, saw a man walking a dog. The summer day had a porcelain glaze. Rifle fire shattered the stillness, and the dogwalker went down, shot in the head.
“Midnight Wednesday, Mitch. We’re damn serious.”

When Mitch married Holly, he promised he’d be there for her forever. Now that a madman has kidnapped her and is demanding more money than Mitch will earn in a lifetime, he’s decided he can’t give up until he’s got her back, safe and sound—even though her ruthless captor snuffs out an innocent bystander right before Mitch’s eyes just to prove his point. Now Mitch has 60 hours to hand over the cash, or his wife is dead. No matter what he has to do, he’ll pay—he’ll pay anything.

From its shocking opening to its shattering climax, The Husband will hold you in its relentless grip. Dean Koontz “writes of hope and love in the midst of evil in profoundly inspiring and moving ways” (Chicago Sun-Times). We think you’ll agree this is his most suspenseful—and heartfelt—novel yet. Explicit language, violence.

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