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THE RISING by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins


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“When I read the very first page of the book Left Behind™, I knew I was in for something special. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins promised a thrill ride set in the days following the Rapture, and for 12 bestselling books, they delivered. Still, I found myself wondering about the lives of the characters before they were left behind in the wake of Christ’s Second Coming. Did Nicolae, the Antichrist, come to power out of nowhere, or was he groomed from the beginning of his life for evil? What role did Viv Ivans play in his life? And what about the members of the Tribulation Force? Why was there tension in the Steele home between Rayford and Chloe? What was ‘normal’ in their lives before the world turned inside-out? Thankfully, LaHaye and Jenkins have returned to the their fantastic series, this time with a book that stands as the first true book in the series. Now we’ll all have a chance to learn how prophecy became reality in the lives of everyone who was ‘left behind!’”—Andrea

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