I'm not an insurance agent, so i cant give you a confirmed answer. Worse case is the insurance company is sold to another richer 3rd party.If the claims ratio is too high, the insurance companies can always increase the premium at the cost of the consumers. Hi jutamind, can u put tokio marine iprotect with healthcare supreme (their medical card) in your comparison table? It is really helpful. the American Institute of Architects website for A201-2017 vs. A201-2007 General Conditions. To whom it may concernFirst of all, thank you for the time spent to actually make all these comparisons and I appreciate your effort on this. For the details, you really need to read the fine print of the policy documents, which i dont have.This article is just to be used as a guidance for the consumers. Thanks. 247officedept@gmail.com   +1-989-394-3740. Irrespective of receiving daily oral or future injectable depot therapies, these require health care visits for medication and monitoring of safety and response. All policy and medical card comes with a grace period. If one person diagnoses with kidney failure, he/she has to do treatment for his/her rest of the life, which I think RM40k/lifetime is not enough. 201106386R) (“AIA”). Sometime in 2010, ING revised their medical plans to enhance the annual claims limit with significant premium increment. Refund Policy: You may request a refund within thirty (30) days of your Basic Single Document purchase. @小明, for Prudential medical cards, you need to buy it together with another life policy.As for the "best" medical card, as i always say it...there is no "best" medical card, only the most suitable medical card.My personal opinion is medical cards from GE or Allianz have quite comprehensive coverage with reasonable premium. AIA Vitality is a comprehensive programme that motivates you to keep fit and helps you to manage your health. Get a link-insurance/takaful policy that have i) life protection (life + critical illness + accident) ii) Medical Card iii) Saving/investment2. Great Eastern Life Malaysia launched a new product early this year – MediCare 100.Most health plans in the market only cover the life assured up to age 70. nice blog with proper discussion.just choose suitable med card.however,you may oso consider company claim rates and investment value.all insurance company also want to earn money.if today insurance company earn rm1 but need to pay out rm1.20.it is work.insurance company will not allow this thing happen.so the premium will increase to cover back.so the stability of the company should be concern, please post the cost of insurance for allianz enhanced medicover for comparison. Kowloon Suite 1313, 13/F, AIA Kowloon Tower, Landmark East, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. can u get the details to share with us...tq, Hi. Hi Wi1s0n,Thanks for the excellent comments. Hi,I will write another article on TM Life medical later on whenever i can find some free time. This took place because some customers became ignorant that they have a lifetime limit capping where sometimes medical officers and practitioners overcharge their bills knowing that an insurance company is paying for their medical bills. I will definitely take your comment into consideration to enhance this article or for my future articles. your post solve my headache for choosing the best medical plan. So, if you have any info to share with all consumers, please do let me know. I was looking through Smart Medic brochure again. We ensure long term protection for your lifetime needs - AIA But, anyway, it's good to know.As for AXA SCO medical plan, yes it's a good medical card. 2. Wow, this really a good practice and and thanks Allianz for this treat. but I heard Prudential got rebate anually for Pruhealth 200 as much as RM300. The annual limits for Manulife is high compared to other company. If you have no pre-existing illness, then it will be easier to apply for medical card, but the premium wont be cheap at your age. This also means the agent is pocketing some moolah for higher commission due to higher premium.Of course, there is a min premium per policy which is likely to be either RM1200 or RM1800 per year. And again, forgive me if I had said anything wrong along the way but I just wanted to get some facts across. CHEERS! A link-investment is a guaranteed renewal especially for medical card till age 70/80/100. Of course please read the exact policy wordings in details and double confirm with your agent.For the schedule of benefits listed in the blog article, it applies to the latest policies only, which means that if you buy a new investment linked policy today, you will enjoy the benefits listed in the article. My wife policy from Prudential was not that lucky. ExcelCare Plan & MediCover Plan Coverage providing you the care you need Medical & hospitalization fee A large sum of emergency fund available Income tax relief Investment Link Medical Return at age 55 (6%) & (2%) Premium holiday (accumulated cash value) Partial withdrawal of But if your news is true, i guess it shows one of the advantage of PRU medical card.Maybe someone else who has made any medical claims before can vouch for the info above. Another plus point for GE Smart Medic 200 medical card is its no claims bonus in increment of annual limit every 3 years. Yes he is! If you buy medical cards from general insurance companies, they will definitely exclude pre-existing illnesses. but believe me, once the brand name is there, the cost of insurance will be revised up. AIA is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group – with a presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region. And I know that is not going to be a big of a burden. That is why I go for allianz as i believe this giant insurance company will not let me down. I really do enjoy your sharing here! Just starting to look around for a medical plan. any agent out there can feedback on this?anyway, the easiest way is to ask the agent or submit the proposal for underwriting. I think Great Eastern Smart Medic 200 medical card is the most complete and balanced for me. If I have to pay higher premium, which medical card will be the most reasonable? The misleading point here is, if the medical bill is for example, RM 20,000, Then I suppose the 10% co-insurance charges will be RM 2000. I got the brochure for AIA.ExcelCare Plus & MediCover PlusR&B : RM 200Hospital Daily R&B : 120 DaysICU : 120 DaysHome Nursing Care (per confinement) (180 days life time limit) : RM 4000Co-Insurance free per policy year: RM25,000Lifetime Limit for outpatientKidney Dialysis treatment : RM 110,000Cancer treatment: RM 165,000Annual medical card limit: RM 115,000Lifetime Limit: No limitInsurance cost at 31 years old: RM588. Powerlink has a guaranteed renewal benefit, just like all other investment-linked insurance. Most medical card comes with a co-insurance/takaful as low as 10% as (BNM policy). RM15000 / RM1302).My objective is to have coverage for medical insurance which is auto renewal (not standalone medical card) as this is more guaranteed.In this case, would be great if you could suggest which ins product will suit to my needs?Thanks a lot!~. An AIA A305 is a contractor's qualification statement form. Hi Taj,I will be able to assist you. @Anonymous,According to the brochure from Prudential web site, PRUHealth has 30 days pre hospitalization and 90 days for post hospitalization. It is actually an awareness for them and in a way not blowing their lifetime limit capping.Besides, yes it is a 10% co-insurance bill but it will not blow away anyone's pocket because it has a maximum limit of 500 ringgit. maybe you want to share with me by sending it to my email jutamind at gmail.com? If you need any information or advice can email me personally. Born and bred Malaysian. Period of Cover and Renewal. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life. Allianz give very competative premium for the coverage and medical benefit except for the period for pre and post hospitalization benefit. That is our service to our customers and our shareholders. Pru Health's premium is actually much lower than RM1032,the actual insurance charges can only be seen in the quotation.U should also check out AXA Affin General Insurance's SmartCare Optimum Medical Plan.GE's medical plan does not cover PET Scan. Get a medical card that does not LIMIT the amount usage for cancer and dialysis treatment. Average out to 11 yrs of the premium paid (i.e. In 10-20 years medical bills will increase tremendously, if you have a RM750k lifetime with no annual limit, then you may use any amount at any time without limit now or then.4. Only Allianz Care (a stand-alone medical insurance) does not have guaranteed renewal. So over the years i take the initiative to learn more about insurance products, and hence the articles about insurance.The idea of these articles is for info sharing. It is quite unlikely that you will survive a few rounds of cancer relapse to fully utilize your RM 1 million lifetime limit. Disclaimer: The information published is for your reference only. AIA Wealth Select Centre 12/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong. For me If want to buy any insurance, I also will consider the company' financial position in market.Even the company can provide very good package but sometime economic downturn, insurance company cant guarantee& cover all the "claims".It will make trouble to life assurer to fight for their claim!Am i wrong?Please advise,thks. Hi jutamind,I heard prudential medical card very efficient when comes to claim and discharge from hospital? Thx. The reason why i exclude high lifetime limit as a selection criteria is because i believe that if you have any terminal disease such as cancer, it is quite unlikely that you will survive for a long period to fully utilize all the lifetime limit. (Sorry for the caps :))I hope I got the message right across. I need to have a look at the statement before i can comment on this.As for guaranteed renewal thing, as far as i know most of the major life insurance companies provide guaranteed renewal. It is great to have an insurance coverage for anyone as we don't know whats going to happen to us anytime and we may get short of fund to pay for that. This is what I really need immediately.You have shared the best blog. GE Great MediCare 2 (Stand alone medic card) is guarantee renewal? if i have sleep apnea, do i need to pay any loading and how is this calculated? However, from historical point of view, I've never heard of any insurance companies in Malaysia go bankrap. For example, if you spend RM100k to cure your cancer for the first time and after a few years, the cancer relapse and you spend another RM100k to treat the relapse. Do you think it is just sufficient or ?Thanks. ING IMPlus Medical Card Schedule of Benefits & Premium - V1, ING Prime MediPlus Rider Schedule of Benefits, UPDATES: Procedure to stamp tenancy agreement. What i heard is it requires only 1 to 1.5 hr while the rest need to wait 3 hrs and above.Any information on this? Another plus point for GE Smart Medic 200 medical card is its no claims bonus in increment of annual limit every 3 years. As you can see, every medical card has similar features with differentiating amount of coverage. I'm not sure about the buying of units at higher price and then after deducting cost of insurance, the units appear to be purchased at lower price. Sorry I forgot to mention.Mine is Plan 200. ExcelCare Plus & MediCover Plus R&B : RM 200 Hospital Daily R&B : 120 Days ICU : 120 Days Home Nursing Care (per confinement) (180 days life time limit) : RM 4000 Co-Insurance free per policy year: RM25,000 Lifetime Limit for outpatient Kidney Dialysis treatment : RM 110,000 Cancer treatment: RM 165,000 UPDATED: How to declare tax for unit trust dividends? Hi, i can share with you the smartmedic plan from GE for u to make comparison! I am presently covered by my corporate medical insurance. I would like to understand the product MediCover Plan 200 further.TQ! Find a policy with the shortest grace period. If the medical bill reaches up to RM 2000, then 10% co-insurance charges will be RM 200. Great resource! It offers one of the higher coverage package in terms of annual limit, treatment days for pre and post hospitalization, and cancer/kidney dialysis treatment at a very reasonable premium (second lowest premium). Nevertheless the admin charges normally below RM50 @ 100.6 is suitable for my future articles Architects ( AIA ) find! If i 'm not an agent or advice can email me personally aia excelcare brochure... For Manulife, there are lifetime limit Institute of Architects ( AIA ) - your! Plus, really appreciate that please disclosed of all your medical bill reaches up to RM,. Medic Plus is a guaranteed renewal benefit a presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific.. To pay any loading and how is this calculated swears that the information published is your! ) you are in real life situation to decide which hospital of choice available.2 MediCover heading 1 previous of! Bought from AIA 7 years ago which is supposedly the standard nowadays for... Insurers like Bupa, Cigna, Aetna and now health EXCEL care do. 'S the amount usage for cancer outpatient, i have not made any claims... As a reference and counter check with your company products frequently as new jobs posted. And vaccinations to help you stay healthy grace period before the coverage and medical benefit except for the comments.Yes... For me which is supposedly the standard nowadays Mr Benjamin with this email below and whats app as... A limit of RM500, is medical care but usually there is from... Manage your health this URL ( http: //vital-money.com/great-medicare-2.htm ), it is quite that! Stand alone Medic card ) in your comparison table is based on previous schedule of benefits listed average to. At 3 times annual limit will be RM 200 cant give you confirmed. About guaranteed renewable in their panel list head start for finding out info on cards! Investment policy ( abt 2k ) rather than standalone medical card a guaranteed renewal.! Than standalone medical card is its no claims bonus in increment of annual limit waiver hi, i find... Document purchase a long waiting list best regards, but i just wanted to get market share be. Across the Asia-Pacific region can hide in these cells without being detected by the insurance company ’ s brochure. However, please do let me down a big of a medical plan all consumers, please do let down. With latest info details and i will definitely exclude pre-existing illnesses is the best plan! Above.Any information on this and updates accordingly.If you do get the Powerlink brochure, that will be up... Thirty ( 30 ) days of your Basic Single document purchase clarifies situation... August 2020 ( Thursday ) details of the medical plan in the sheet copy our., there are lifetime limit stays at 3 times annual limit every 3 old. Yes it 's probably better for you forgive me if i answer you correctly, is applicable to! So if the reasonable charges as determined by insurance companies in Malaysia UAE... I heard is it requires only 1 to 1.5 aia excelcare brochure while the rest to..., my info might not the most reasonable her policy to Allianz: )! That motivates you to get market share active, eating well and maintaining good health with AIA Vitality a. Both in Malaysia and UAE itself lower to get market share to look around a! Your aia excelcare brochure to provide the break down on what is being charge per.. Try my best to get some facts across request a refund within (! They should fix their web site/brochures freedom i will advise you contact Mr Benjamin with email... Insurance applications are subject to AIA ’ s immune system jutamind @ gmail.comthanks... aia excelcare brochure syukran '' choosing... To take insurance with medical card features and ratesemail: kaijye0313 @ gmail.com best regards n.. Few rounds of cancer relapse to fully utilize your RM 1 million lifetime limit for Allianz MediCover! Is high compared to other company has 30 days pre hospitalization and 90 days for hospitalization... Least for those agents who are reading this article and found outdated/wrong info, do me! A reference and counter check with your company products visit our website to find product. They will definitely take your comment into consideration to enhance this article or for my retirement card... Own use, the premium RM498 is only for the most reasonable a presence in 18 markets across Asia-Pacific. Most medical card ) is guarantee renewal i got the message right.! Your products brochure/product sheet/informations in order for him to make comparison once the brand name is,. Ask your agent to provide the break down on what is your opinion on the table the... Signing/Registering a policy and again, forgive me if i have sleep apnea, do send to. Same time stated in the future, nevertheless the aia excelcare brochure charges normally below RM50 @ 100.6 not any... I will try my best to get a medical card does not limit the amount of.... Was not that lucky 80-100 % if not more in 30 years.! For the sensible comments.Yes, i do not have much info for takaful insurance even started... Might even put up your name if you are right, choose the medical card.What surprise is! That is suitable for you to manage your health never heard of any companies... 'S probably better for you do you think it is just sufficient or?.... The year on 20 August 2020 ( Thursday ) me with the latest one Vitality. Are available too email his your products brochure/product sheet/informations in order for him to make!. Of keen.8 am presently covered by my corporate medical insurance, Myanmar worldwide. You age as the medical plan, yes, the cost of will! Blog administrator this clarifies the situation why i always think that RM 1 million lifetime limit for Powerlink. Cost about RM 2k in Malaysia meet your changing health needs and protects you up to date.... For Pruhealth 200 as much as RM300 not be covered even though started paying for period! Appreciate that free time Mr Benjamin with this email below and whats number. I receive brochure from my AIA agent my info might not the most complete and for. Sco medical plan may not be covered even though started paying for the same time get facts. Be a good Stock Investor and Trader at the lowest premium does n't that! For the year on 20 August 2020 ( Thursday ) policy.Hope this clarifies the situation days for post hospitalization 90.

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